Who’s Dishing Out The Best Chicken Rice In Perth

By Chloe Sputore
1st Aug 2017

Who's Dishing Out The Best Chicken Rice In Perth

If you’ve been to Singapore, you’ve probably had the pleasure of diving into a plate of chicken rice and all the deliciousness that entails, only to return home craving for what’s possibly the most comforting dish ever invented.

Well, we’ve got good news for you Perthlings! It turns out there are plenty of spots to get your chicken rice fix this side of South-East Asia, you just have to look in all of the unassuming corners of Perth.

Here’s where to find the best chicken rice in Perth.

Chicken Rice Corner

Perth CBD & Canning Vale

At just $6.50 a pop, the chicken rice dished out at Chicken Rice Corner in the Perth CBD and their original digs in Canning Vale is probably the most affordable you’ll find in Perth. Serving theirs roasted or steamed, on mounds of fragrant rice with the usual suspects (chilli and dark soy sauce) on the side, you can’t go wrong!

Tak Chee House


A firm favourite with the Perth chicken rice aficionados, Tak Chee House serves not one but four different varieties of chicken rice. They’ve got the original (and the best) Hainanese chicken rice, as well as fried, garlic and curried varieties, all served with chicken broth. Mmmm!

Mr. Hawker


Served on the bone, the chicken rice dished up at Mr. Hawker in Maylands is super succulent and served with a delicious broth to slurp everything down with. Plus, these guys are on Uber Eats so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your house to get your fill of comforting Hainanese chicken rice goodness.

D’ Big Mama


I’m going to let you in on a hot little secret. Some of the best chicken rice in Perth can be found at D’ Big Mama, hidden inside Coventry Village in Morley. Tender chicken? Check! Aromatic rice? Check! Soupy goodness? Check!

Sarawak Hawker Cuisine


For a traditional chicken rice experience, look no further than Sarawak Hawker Cuisine in Willetton. The chilli sauce packs a punch, their chicken is cooked to perfection and they nail the cooking of the rice every single time.

Taurus Hawker Foods


There is something about Willetton and chicken rice and it’s making me question whether I should move out that way. At Taurus Hawker Foods you will find steamy chicken rice goodness. And our favourite bit—they offer theirs in small and large sizes, so if you’re extra hungry you know what to do!

Noodle Inn

West Perth

Everyone raves about the laksa from Noodle Inn in West Perth, but their chicken rice is pretty darn good too. Check it out next time you’re craving comfort food!

Newton Circle

Perth CBD

No matter your order, Newton Circle (at the top of Carillon Arcade in the city) does not disappoint, but we’re particularly fond of their chicken rice. A $10 serving comes with a decent amount of steamed chicken, tasty rice, cucumber and a winning chilli sauce. If you’re headed there on your lunch break be sure to arrive early, there can be some pretty hefty lines at peak times.

Ten Ten House


Served with a delicious broth, the birds at Ten Ten House are impeccably cooked and the restaurant is one of the nicer of the chicken rice bunch. What are you waiting for? Flock to Karawara right this minute!

Malaysian Hawker


Anyone who can call themselves a foodie in Perth has been to the Cambridge Forum International Food Court. A little slice of Singapore in the ‘burbs of Perth, this place is home to Malaysian Hawker, another hot little chicken rice stall.

The Rice Noodle House


Hawker-style The Rice Noodle House in Shelley may not be much to look at, but their chicken rice is freakin’ delish. For chicken rice standards you get quite a large serving, drizzled in a thicker dark soy sauce, with a big mound of steaming rice on the side—and chilli sauce of course!

Hoi Bo Chinese Restaurant


Hidden away in Morley is one of the best spots for chicken rice in Perth, Hoi Bo Chinese Restaurant. Their portions are huge, it’s jam packed with flavour and the chicken is silky smooth (in a good way).

Kitchen Inn Express


Gosh, those students out Curtin-way don’t even know their luck! Kitchen Inn Express is serving some of Perth’s best chicken rice for the very reasonable price of $9. They even serve a crispy BBQ chicken variety which comes with mayo if you’re feeling that way inclined.

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Chicken Rice Corner | Image credit: Elle Borgward

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