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Health Dummy | We Hang Out At Aerial Yoga

I love yoga. Not in an annoying I’m-going-to-talk-about-yoga-all-the-time kind of way. But I like it. It’s challenging and… Read More +

Health Dummy | We Try Twerking

A wee while ago, old mate Miley C introduced the world to the booty poppin’ phenomenon known as twerking. We all oooed, aahed and… Read More +

7 Foodie Trends That Aren’t As Healthy As You Think

It’s time to admit it: we are is bizarrely excited about eating. Not only do we queue (willingly) for hours to enter the latest… Read More +

Hair & Beauty
Microbead-Free Exfoliators That Won’t Destroy The Planet

Here at The Urban List we’re all about being healthy (or pretending like we are). We drink our green smoothies (if we have to), and… Read More +

Meet The Health Nut | Shaheen Hughes

Over the past few years, Perth’s health and wellness scene has taken off and we are loving it! From the juice cleanse companies to the… Read More +

Health & Beauty
How To Boost Your Health In Iso And Glow From The Inside Out

The world is pretty wild right now and for many of us, stress and anxiety are now part of our collective ‘new normal’. Stress… Read More +

Work Your Abs At This Boozy Glow In The Dark Hula Hooping Party

We all know exercise is essential for good health, but that doesn’t mean you have to run for miles or slog your way through a HIIT… Read More +

The Growers
Perth, WA

Possibly one of the coolest little health nooks in Perth, The Growers have everything… Read More +

Hop Your Way Around These High-Vibe Wellness Events

What better way to dust out winter’s cobwebs than with five days of wellness? Our pals from Bare & Wilde, along with life-coach… Read More +

Health & Beauty
Meet The Health Nut | Nikki Heyder

Image Credit: Louise Coghill Over the past few years, Perth’s health and wellness scene has taken off and we are loving it! From the… Read More +

The Healthy Chia Pudding Recipe You Need This Summer

Making Chia Pudding is kind of like doing magic. Add milk and a touch of sweetener to these tiny little seeds and voila, before you appears… Read More +

Little Raw Deli | The Verdict

We found a healthy Snickers pancake in Perth and they look almost as epic as they taste! Hidden in the quaint streets of Carlisle, Little… Read More +

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