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Save Up, Here Are 15 Of The Coolest Art Events You Need To Travel To

Let’s be real: most of us don’t have much cash to splash on regular holidays, let alone go on an art-buying rampage at some of… Read More +

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Take The Plunge And Get Inked By 8 Of Australia’s Best Tattoo Artists

For some people getting inked is NBD, for others, it's a daunting life-long commitment, but one thing we all have in common: we… Read More +

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15 Iconic Art Movies You Need To Watch At Least Once

From juicy biopics to complex documentaries, the world isn’t scarce of a good art flick to delve into.  However, there’s a… Read More +

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Plan The Ultimate Aesthetic Getaway At 8 Of Australia’s Best Art Hotels

As part of Urban List Art Month, we've covered ways to build your art collection without breaking the bank, given you a round-up of… Read More +

Art & Design
Brush Up On Your Art History With These 15 Essential Art Terms

Do you find yourself missing out on potential romantic entanglements with artists just because you can’t tell a Manet from a Monet? Or… Read More +

Art & Design
In The Studio | Take A Dive Into The Deep End With Anthony Lister

A lot has changed in Sydney in the last 10 years. Sometimes and in some quiet pockets, late at night and in the morning when the low rumble… Read More +

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