5 Ways To Balance Your Side Hustle When Working 9 To 5

By Natasha Van Der Laan
3rd Feb 2023

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Balancing a full-time job and a side hustle is somewhat of an art. It’s easy to become consumed by the two gigs and quickly feel the onset of burnout. 

But fear not, it’s entirely doable with the right strategies in place. To help you perfect that balance, we’ve teamed up with Set For Life to give you some ideas about how to juggle them both. To inspire you, here are five tips to help you achieve balance and set yourself up for life.

Set Clear Boundaries

Juggling a day job and side hustle requires clear boundaries. Boundaries will empower you to achieve work-life balance, make every minute count, and—most importantly—enjoy yourself as you tackle the two. Be realistic about what you commit to across all aspects of your life and don’t be afraid to say no. Boundaries look different for everyone; perhaps you don’t work Monday nights, perhaps you limit order numbers, or perhaps it’s as simple as turning off your phone while you work. Figure out what this looks like for you and stick to it.

Block Out Time In Your Diary

Set up dedicated work hours for your side hustle and hold yourself accountable. You might decide that Wednesday and Friday are your 'hustle nights' and turn down all social invites (and tempting Netflix shows). Outside of this, you’re likely to have ten minutes here and there for small tasks outside of the scheduled hours—such as flicking off invoices and replying to emails. However, the aim of the game is to get the majority of things completed during your 'hustle' time. Of course, no two weeks are the same so regularly check in with your diary and adjust accordingly.

And Don’t Forget To Schedule Downtime 

This leads us to a very (very) important point: don’t forget to dedicate time to yourself. Burnout is essentially exhaustion and exhaustion comes from overdoing things—hence why 'quiet quitting has quickly become the phenomenon of 2022. It’s tempting to work long hours to grow your hustle but consider what the trade-off may be to your health, relationships, and your day job. Identify what rest looks like for you. You might need a strict 10pm bedtime or enjoy having an at-home pamper on Sunday evenings. Alternatively, you might need to do a weekly 10km run or join your besties for Friday dinner to feel your best. Determine what makes your heart sing and make time for this in your calendar. While you might absolutely love your work, it’s important it doesn’t become your entire identity. 

Keep Your Goal Top Of Mind 

Remember what you’re in it for by setting a goal. Are you hoping one day your side hustle will be lucrative enough to become your full-time job? Or, on the other hand, is your side hustle simply for fun or a bit of extra pocket money? Your answer will help inform your ultimate goal and what sacrifices you do (or don’t) want to make. Know what success looks like for you and set benchmarks to keep you motivated and grounded along the way.

Celebrate The Wins

Speaking of goals, when you do hit a milestone, don’t forget to acknowledge it. Relish the achievement with a well-deserved pat on the back (and some mandatory chocolate and/or time off). The sense of accomplishment helps you to work towards the next milestone, and so on until you hit that overarching goal. Take the time to journal your wins—no matter how seemingly small. In moments of doubt, revisit these wins and be your own cheerleader. Go, you good thing!

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