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Museum Of The Moon’s Giant Moon Installation Is Coming To Australia
By Albert Cho - 19 Sep 2018

Whether you'd define yourself as a space-geek or not, call it wild fascination or complete lunacy, we've all dreamed of flying… Read More +

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The World Famous Diner En Blanc Secret Picnic Is Coming Back To The Coast
By Caity Stone - 07 Sep 2018

Foodies and culture fiends, it’s time to get excited. Like REALLY excited! The world famous secret dinner party phenomenon, Diner en… Read More +

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Mooove Over Parma For A Farmer, Barefoot Bowls Is Raising Some Coin On The Coast Too
By Caity Stone - 05 Sep 2018

If you haven’t heard of ‘Parma For A Farmer’, you must've had your head buried in the sand...the dry, arid,… Read More +

Wearable Art Is Now A Thing On The Coast And We’re Feeling All Fashun
By Caity Stone - 29 Aug 2018

We’ve been told art is subjective. We’ve also been told fashion is subjective. So, when we found out the pair were combining for… Read More +

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Calling All Gingers | You’re Getting Your Very Own Rally On The Coast!
By Caity Stone - 22 Aug 2018

So, you’ve battled since birth with the blessing and curse that is red hair, amiright?! Between being picked on in the school yard… Read More +

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Séance | The Terrifying Show In A Blacked-Out Shipping Container You Have To Try
By Catherine Blake - 14 Aug 2018

Okay, let me start by flagging that though I suffer from a visceral aversion to horror in all forms, I was also cursed with… Read More +

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