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5 Things To Do On The Sunshine Coast This Week

Liven up your week with this list of the best events on the Sunshine Coast you should make an effort to attend this week. Whether you want… Read More +

Things To Do
Why You Need To Try A Gratitude Yoga Farm Experience

Despite all the parties, afternoon cocktails and beach days, silly season can actually be a pretty hectic time. There’s Christmas… Read More +

All The Reasons Why Your Yoga Studio Needs A Himalayan Salt Wall

We know we’re calling out the obvious here, but Himalayan lamps have been a thing for a while now. Apart from being a striking light… Read More +

Where To Take A Hot Yoga Class On The Sunshine Coast

Here on the Sunshine Coast, we’re no strangers to warmth… in fact, we thrive on it! So it’s no surprise that hot yoga is… Read More +

What's On
Strip Yeah! A Naked Yoga Class Is Happening In Maroochydore

Yup, you read that correctly. A naked yoga class is happening on the Sunshine Coast, and we’re already mentally stripping off in… Read More +

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Yes! Introducing The Newest Co-Working Space For Creatives On The Sunshine Coast

Freelancers, work-from-homers, creatives and everyone in between, it's time we introduced you to the Sunshine Coast's cutest and… Read More +

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