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5 New Podcasts Worth Listening To This Month

By Jessica Best - 15 Nov 2018

Whether it’s on the commute, on the treadmill or on the monthly roadtrip, podcasts are the bee's knees and we’ve rounded up a sling of new listens you should be across this month. 

Part of the binge-worthy line-up this November is the damn hilarious Potterless where a non-HP fan actually reads Harry Potter for the first time, Wondery’s brand new immersive storytelling journey and a fresh new season of an historically eerie gem that’s been dubbed the ultimate horror-podcast.

Here are all the new podcasts to binge this November.

Imagined Life

In the podcast world, it’s always big news when Wondery (the kids behind Dirty John, Gladiator and Dr. Death) debuts a new series and the release of Imagined Life is no different. Especially because this time, the crew has released one of their most riveting podcasts to date. Each episode of Imagined Life takes you on an immersive journey (think ‘celebrity heads’ style) into the life of a famous person, you’ll get clues to your ‘identity’ along the way but you’ll only find out who you really are at the end. Head here for more.


Meet the glorious podcast featuring Mike Schubert, just your average 25-year-old dude, reading the Harry Potter series for the very first time. Mike sits down with a bunch of HP fandoms, poking fun at plot holes, making painfully inaccurate predictions and rant about how Quidditch is quite possibly the worst sport ever invented. Regardless of what side of the broom you sit on, you’ll be in for endless laughs. Head here for more on Potterless.

Darkest Night

Season two of Darkest Night has freshly kicked off and we’re having all kinds of feels for this one. It’s basically been dubbed the ultimate horror-podcast for a few good reasons. Firstly, the concept revolves around a recovered memory of a ‘recently deceased’ character which sounds as though it’s happening around you in real time. Secondly, Darkest Night is a binaural audio drama which means it's been recorded on a special type of mic (one that’s shaped like an actual human head) so the whispers and screams sound scarily realistic. Finally, it’s narrated by Lee Pace (The Hobbit Films and Guardians of the Galaxy) plus there’s a sling of performances from a bunch of famous people like Denis O’Hare from American Horror Story and RuPaul. Head here for more.


Hype has well and truly circulated this week around the podcast Gladiator, hosted by Bob Hohler, an investigative sports reporter for the Boston Globe. This one has been put together by podcast company Wondery (they also brought us Dr. Death and said Imagined Life) and the Globe which should set some alarms off for you. If you remember the Academy Award-winning movie Spotlight, then you should also know that Bob Hohler brought about Gladiator alongside the Spotlight Team to delve deep into how football star Aaron Hernandez went from Super Bowl star to convicted murderer in a few years. Head here for more.


Serial season three is here and get ready to mix things up from their trademark self-contained investigative stories co-produced by Sarah Koenig and Julie Snyder (who also brought us S-Town). The next stretch of audio-magic brings Cleveland’s criminal justice system to the forefront, and shines a light on a number of different cases. What makes this next phase of Serial super exciting is the ridiculous amount of access the producers were granted; recordings from courtrooms, judges’ chambers and attorney offices. The team spent an entire year inside the criminal courts in Cleveland so you better believe you’ll get to hear everything that really happens on the inside. Head here for more.

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