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Ultimate Legend


Branded Content Director


For being the greatest Manager and helping me settle in so well - always there to help and answer all of my annoying questions :D :D

Helping me with an A list article and jumping on the Westfield campaign. A boss who leads by serious example - love her guts!

You are one in a million. So happy to have you on our team and so appreciative of all the incredible insights you give <3

I literally tell this girl she's a legend, daily.

Thank you for being our fearless leader. You've honestly made such an impact on my life in the shortest time. So glad you're here.

The best BSD we've had in a while!!

Thank you for having my back with Birdseye, you are the Ultimate Legend!!!

Managing tricky, ever-changing projects like a boss.

You have had my back in every way lately, thank you!

Beeeeing the most accommodating to annoying clients and getting it all done on time!

This girl lives and breathes 'Trust is Everything'!! I can ALWAYS count on Em!


some of this month's

Ultimate Legend Votes


For being a team player and bringing loads of new ideas and energy to the sales team.



For taking on a rather monotonous task, running with it and finishing it at lightning speed! it's the little things she puts her hand up for that make our lives easier.



Anna is such a smooth operator. Whether she's producing content, mentoring interns, organising photographers or doing the 100035 other things she does,

she brings the best always, in all ways.



Once again bringing her best in a project that isn't necessarily in her day-to-day. Love the commitment.



Well done to Ben for being on the front foot with changing up his content post re-position. 1 week down and Melbourne is really nailing it.


Brad Arnold

For bringing the solutions, always, and seeing every challenge as an awesome opportunity for growth.



I love Caity's enthusiasm for new openings on the Sunny Coast SO MUCH! She gets such a buzz out of delivering the goods for her audience!



A big week of work and smashed through it with a smile, precision and attention to detail. No matter the pressure, Chloe is an asset and always brings her best.



For entertaining me whilst the company was offsite.



Clean office tea towels. There's nothing better. Thanks so much Clare, you legend!



Clem is awesome and abso nailed that Nielsen data deck. So insightful!



There's so much going on around the grounds, and Courts is so instrumental in keeping us all in line and everything under control.

She seems to know the answer to everything. What would we do without you?!



Hitting the ground like a champ and jumping straight into big campaigns like H & M like it's nbd.



For jumping in and providing the best prizes for Unleashed Women. Kween!



Through multiple client changes - Isaac is a BREEZE to work with!



James is really bringing his best content-game after the content strategy week. Really owning the new content direction. Keep slaying!



So committed to making TUL all it can be, and realising all of the potential in our brand.


Jess Prids

For killing it on the content front in August. Persistence pays off!!


Jess Best

For taking on Perth's eNews today (and going so far as to check the forecast so she could choose stories and change titles to match it, what an angel)



Can always trust you to communicate the TUL ethos and mandatories to ensure the strongest content is delivered to our clients. You're a gem!!!



For killing it with TUL Training, week in, week out. My fave hour of the week!



For absolutely killing it with allll the great ideas (and bringing plenty of LOL's) at our IRL content catch-up.



Leadership is a tough gig and you lead it like a boss, MB. Cool, calm, collected and passionate. Quadruple threat.

We're so lucky to have you.



You've been my hero multiple times lately, I'm really going to miss you so much when you're gone :(



Tilly always jumps in to help out and has been driving Prahran Markets right from the get-go. She's a legend. Thanks pal!



For dedicating his time and expertise to TUL's new brand positioning piece. Killed it!



For always being there for me, Prue has this amazing ability to assist everyone and still be across her day to day. An absolute legend!



Always offering a hand, never failing to pick up campaigns when her expertise is needed. Rach you are the definition of a legend!!



Literally killing it in the sales team, we'd be lost without her!



It's a gift to have a team member like Sami. Someone you can trust implicitly, and who trusts you right back.

Even when you stuff up, she forgives and provides incredibly constructive feedback.

Thank you for being you, Sami Z.



Sammy is absolutely owning awesome content in the Style & Design vertical - what a great talent to have at TUL!


Sarah Law

For returning stunning client design to me within what felt like an hour. How the heck do you do it?


Sarah Lynch

We don't have much to do with each other but whenever I speak to Sarah she is always so positive, friendly, warm and open.

I always leave feeling better after speaking to her!



So great to have Shannon back from leave! We missed you so much!!



This girl takes on a million different tasks and responsibilities and helps anyone out on anything they need, above and beyond her role.

What a bloody legend!



Can always trust Sandra to nail an internal birthday celebration. Someone's gotta do it and she's doin' it and doin' it wellll.


Sophie B

Things shift and change all the time for the CSM team but Sophie makes it look like a breeze and is always on top of everything (not to mention with a smile).

Thanks for making every campaign fun, however challenging!



It feels like you've been here forever! Where have you been our whole lives!



SG is always the most organised and well-prepared person in any room, meeting or office. Despite not being back full-time,

she manages to be across everything that's happening, recruit for new roles and push ahead with FY19 plans without cracking a sweat.



You are leading your team like a total boss, Tess. There's so much change afoot and you're taking it all in your stride,

supporting us to be the best we can be.






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