10 Reasons Love Actually is the Best Christmas Movie Ever

By Sophia McMeekin
25th Dec 2013

how to have a love actually christmas

10. Watchability

Anyone who tells you they have only seen this movie once is either A. Lying. or B. Doesn't have a soul. Due to the expertly woven, multiple plot lines and enduringly loveable motely crew of characters, this movie has infinite watchability. INFINITE.

9. All I Want For Christmas...

Love actually best Christmas movie ever

When the little girl sings 'All I Want for Christmas Is You' better than Mariah, and then Hugh Grant and tree-trunk thighs make out. That's the spirit of Christmas, right there.

8. Snape


Alan Rickman's voice. Yes, this movie includes the very, very low vocal stylings of Alan Rickman, aka Snape, aka 'three balls', as my Dad calls him. 

7. Uuncle Jamie

This bit, when Colin Firth busts in to his family Christmas with loads of Christmas presents, and everyone is all like 'Uncle Jamie!', and then busts out again to go and propose to his cleaning lady/love-of-his-life, and the little girl is all like 'oh, I hate Uncle Jamie!'.

6. The Turtlenecks


The many, many turtlenecks.

5. Colin Frissell

Love Actually Best Christmas Movie ever

Colin's gross, it's true, but you are totally rooting for him to get the girl(s) regardless.

4. Lobster


"I'm the lobster!"

3. Jump

Love Actually

I wonder if it bothers Hugh Grant that this will be the defining moment of his entire career? Besides his monobrow, that is. 

2. This Guy 

Love Actually Best Christmas Movie Ever


1. THE Octopus Kid


Speaks for itself.

And with that we bid you a very, very Merry Christmas Urban Listers. We hope you are drinking Champagne and wearing a new pair of pjs, surrounded by Ferrero Rocher wrappers, like all normal people.

Love Actually merry Christmas

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