11 Sydney Eats With Serious Puppy Pawtential

By Mollie Maloney.
11th Oct 2016

dog friendly cafe Sydney

A man’s best friend is his dog, and we just can’t leave them at home anymore. Enough is enough! Frustrated and desperate, we went on the quest to find the latest and greatest for puppy-appreciation, and the list is looking pretty paw-fect.

We’ve also found some gourmet meals for the little guy, as well as some places to let his hair down and have a good ol’ run around. So without further ado, here are 11 delicious spots to dine in with your dog.

The Vic on the Park 


This is probably the best pub to ever exist. Quirky street art, their own basketball court, a chilled out back deck and, drum roll please, dogs 100% welcome. The licensee Sarah Lewis knows everyone and anyone: you, your dog, your dog’s best friend. Snap a puppazzi pic and use their hashtag #dogsofthevic to make your bestie instafamous, and yes, we know your dog is totally the cutest dog ever. 

Café Bones


‘Bone appetite’ is not just a saying at Café Bones, it’s a way of life. Established in March 2000, the dream was a meeting place for people and dogs alike. 16 years down the track and Café Bones has a reputable sample of coffee, tasty snacks and of course its own gourmet dog biscuits. Bring your fury friend down and enjoy a cappuccino for you and of course their famous Pupaccino for them. But don’t worry, they’ve got a Dogaccino for those doggies on a diet, with a lower fat content for the weight conscious. It’s a dog eat dog world out there and you only want to strut your best side at the dog park. 

Centennial Parklands Dining 

Centennial Park 

It’s a Saturday morning, you’ve walked around the park with Bruce the boxer, and its breaky time. We know this situation well and Centennial Parklands Dining has THE go-to playground for our pups. Grab a coffee, an egg and bacon roll and sit amongst the rolling fields of playing paw-tential, this dog haven has you covered. 

The Boathouse 

Palm Beach 

Probably the most picturesque of doggy-dwellings, the outdoor terrace at The Boathouse in Palm Beach is the trendiest place to be canine-caught this summer. Grab the avo on toast and a coffee in the sun, and then head down to the beach for a game of fetch. Crawling with locals, there are some serious beachy networking opportunities here for you, and your pooch alike. 

The Carrington 

Surry Hills

The Carrington knows that we don’t go far without our fury friends and are happy for them to sniff into the establishment any time. They have an interior garden bar where all four legged friends are welcome. Not that this could get any better, but they also have a dog menu. We’re serious, with a choice of rump steak & vege or steak tartare at $5 each is just too good to resist. Your pups will be begging to come back and you will be too once you try their damn fine burger and taste one of their cold brews.

Wayward Brewing Co. 


Wayward Brewing Co is a pretty friendly institution. Kid friendly, dog friendly, people friendly, seriously, how nice can these people be? Food is available from a constantly changing range of food tracks, as well as an indoor menu. You and your dog will be the coolest kids in town, with rooms furnished with repurposed material from the 70s, and beer keg lamps hanging from the ceiling. 

The Duck Inn Pub & Kitchen  


The Duck Inn Pub & Kitchen is the perfect place to have a pint with your pooch. While many places are dog-friendly outdoors, the Duck Inn Pub gets that man’s best friend is a dog. And you wouldn’t leave your best friend outside now, would you? With dogs having access to all-areas, craft beers and Sunday roasts have never looked so much like home. 

The Tuckshop 


Tuckshop specialises in Cheesy burgers, beer-battered fish, Southern-fried chicken wings and malt milkshakes. This is the perfect food to share with your loved ones and by loved ones, we mean dogs. With a big open deck, the Tuckshop is 100% dog friendly and 200% awesome. This gives dog’s breakfast a whole new meaning, and its tasting pretty damn good. 

Store Espresso 


Right on Camperdown Park, Store celebrates the dog lifestyle in style. What is better than table eating? The picnic blanket life, that’s what. Grab a blanket and head across to the park to set up camp for you and your canine friend. Whether you want sweet or savoury, Store Espresso has great coffee and everyday essentials. Smashed eggs with wild rocket, smoked ham, aioli and aged cheddar is probably for dog owners, rather than dogs… but that’s fine. The puppies are too distracted playing anyway! 

The Annandale Hotel 


Dogs of the Dale is a well-known slogan to the locals of the Annandale Hotel. Teaming up with Burgers by Josh, treat your pooch to the Puppy Pounder burger or get lucky with the dog food raffles on Thursday nights. We are paw-ternally grateful to the team at Annandale for making our Thursdays a whole lot better. 

The Grand National 


Water bowls are such a simple joy for us puppy lovers, and the Grand National has plenty of them. Which is a sign to us that you’ve got priorities in order. The front bar of this pub welcomes all of our special friends, just be careful when you order their juicy steaks, there could be a serious cat fight between you and the guy at your feet. And you know how we feel about cats….meow. 

Did you know you can borrow other people's dogs?

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