13 Freakishly Good Friday The 13th Date Ideas

By Jessica Best
11th Jan 2017

friday 13th date ideas sydney

Grab your boo (pun intended) because the scariest day of the year is coming. Long known as the super, super and we mean superrrrrr unlucky day; this Friday is the perfect chance for your love to come face to face with a touch of paranormal activity. 

Let’s be honest, relationships are scary enough, but nothing (literally) screams romance quite like screaming five minutes into a ghost tour and leaving bae to fend off the ghosts alone.  

So here are 13 super freaky Friday the 13th dates to try in Sydney; all guaranteed to ignite a little (okay, a lot) of spook into your relationship.

Quarantine Station

Since when is it not a good idea to take bae to the most haunted site in Australia? Don’t answer that. The Quarantine Station in Manly has a serious line-up of ghosts and paranormal activity. Drag your S/O (no matter how hard they resist) on a ghost tour or book a romantic sleepover in one of their most haunted buildings!

Tour Old Darlinghurst Jail

According to legend (and Google), the Old Darlinghurst Jail is haunted by the restless ghosts of some of the 76 people that were executed in this jail’s gallows. Book a tour for you and your lover for exclusive access to some seriously spooky spots, which aren’t usually open for public access. Boom. Instant date night bragging rights.

Cammeray Ghost Tour

If you’ve ever wanted to visit a scoop of haunted sites in Sydney, look no further. The Cammeray Ghost Tour will take you through a cursed Aboriginal site, the grounds of a haunted mansion, a historic cottage with a pretty morbid past and a tour of the oldest cemetery on the north side of the Harbour. Sounds just as romantic as a walk in the park during daylight, amirite?

Walk through Waverley Cemetery At Night 

Take a rather brisk walk (or run) hand-in-hand with your S/O through the Waverley Cemetery this Friday the 13th. And before you ask, no torches allowed. And don’t even think about bailing and taking the coastal walk instead.

Macquarie Street Ghost Tour

Sure, we usually visit Macquarie Street for some super tasty eats but if you’re up for some super spooky storytelling, you might want to stick around this bustling road after dark. This 90 minute ghost tour takes you around sites like the slaughterhouse (we’re officially scared) and let’s you in on the many mysteries of Hyde Park.

Have A Drink At The Hero In Waterloo

Take bae for a romantic drink at The Hero Hotel in Waterloo. There may (or may not) be an urban legend flying around (geddit?) that in 1849, publican Thomas Kirkman pushed his wife, Anne, down the Hero’s stairs to her death. Her ghost now frequents the hotel and furniture eerily moves around, and sometimes in the middle of the night classical music can be heard coming from the piano in the bar area when no one is there. But other than that, it’s totally fine.

Blue Mountains Ghost Tour

Tour around the Blue Mountains region with Paranormal Pete (an expert in all things ghost-y) and get access to secret locations, historical wells (is anyone else having serious flashbacks to The Ring?), convict graves, colonial buildings and um, a possible sighting of “the lady in black”. 

Newtown Ghost Tour

We’ve all spent a memorable Friday night on King Street (thanks Union Hotel) but Newtown also has a rather troubled and chilling history. This Friday the 13th, spend your date night being guided around several freaky locations with disturbing stories. 

Netflix & Chill

Netflix and Chill, guys. And no, we don’t mean impress your special friend by reciting the entire script of Gilmore Girls (though that’s effing impressive). We’re talking about next level horror films. And for your convenience, here are 13 scary AF movies to choose from. You’re welcome.

Take The Train To Macquarie Fields Train Station

After the last train departs (around 12:30am), a translucent figure of what looks to be a crying teenage girl, splattered in blood is said to appear. Look, we’re big kids now. Watching Casper the Friendly Ghost just won’t cut it anymore.

Tell Them One Of These Urban legends

A bit of spooky story telling never hurt anyone. Or any relationship (of this we can’t be sure). Spill the beans on these urban legends. Possibly under the covers. With the lights on. And the door locked.

Find A Ouija Board

It’s worth a try. If that doesn’t work out, Scrabble is always a good op too.

The Rocks Ghost Tour

Gear up for stories of murder, suicide, hangings and hauntings as you squeeze bae’s hand down cobblestone lanes into the hidden areas of Sydney (why do we have so many?) with The Rocks Ghost Tours. Most of the places you’ll visit have had recent sightings of strange phenomena… so all we can say to that is: brace yourself.

If these Sydney date ideas are too freaky for you, try these.

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