15 Tips For Surviving Your First Tinder Date

By Simone Jovel
21st Sep 2016

15 Tips For Surviving Your First Tinder Date

Congratulations! You’ve made it past the somewhat awkward first stages of Tinder chat, you know, where you are trying to find common interests while both knowing you purely swiped right because the first picture wasn’t a selfie and the Tinder pick-up line didn’t include ‘wait ‘till you see what’s under these clothes’.

Now comes the fun stuff—you get to actually meet in person and see if there’s any spark between the two of you. Let's be honest, though. Tinder dates are a bit weird. Think back to your grandparents' generation where they literally had to write letters to each other to keep in touch, and where they found their future soulmate based on the skills each of you could provide to make a good team.

Fast forward to 2016 and there’ll be at least one person at the party who met their partner on Tinder. And there's no shame in this—in fact we think it's pretty cool. But, if it's your first time and you're a wee bit nervous, or you'd just like a top up of Tinder etiquette, here are 15 tips for surviving a Tinder date. 

  1. Go somewhere with atmosphere so you can talk about the décor if the conversation goes south.
  2. Don’t drive miles away with your date, if it goes pear-shaped you have no escape.
  3. Be secretly late. Wait on the corner nearby to watch your date enter and see if they live up their profile picture.
  4. Now with Tinder Social you can include your mates on your Tinder date. Set up speed dating so you can quickly move on to the next person if the first is a fail.
  5. If you do happen to arrive first, don’t sit with your back to the door as your date will have to awkwardly shoulder tap you to find out if your face matches your profile.
  6. Find a foodie to take you to an award-winning restaurant so if all else fails you’ve had good food and your date can talk about all the ingredients in the dish.
  7. Have a code word with your friends in case of emergency, we’re thinking ‘green’ for all go, ‘red’ for get me outta here.
  8. Bring a piece of paper of conversation starters with you and run to the bathroom when the chat is running dry.
  9. Invite a friend to sit in the corner and watch—safety first guys, didn’t your mum ever tell you not to talk to strangers?
  10.  Don’t go to the movies, unless you just want a pash session. Going to the movies only ensures you don’t have to talk to each other, and in that case you may as well just Netflix and Chill…
  11. Decide before you get there what your greeting will be and go into it confidently, you don’t want to run into an awkward case of the side cheek kiss vs handshake.
  12.  Control your alcohol intake, unless you’re using the date as a place to pre-drink before your friend's party. In that case, go full throttle!
  13. Don’t talk up your Tinder game. Jabbering away about other Tinder dates you have lined up can get a little awkward.
  14.  Remember which Tinder match you are going on a date with. Have a skim read of your conversation pre date so you don’t end up asking questions about the wrong things.
  15.  Ask how old the photos are in the profile picture before the date—there have been serious cases of someone looking very different on Tinder than IRL. 

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Image credit: New Girl

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