20 Things That Happen When After Work Drinks Go All Night Long

By Ange Law
20th Dec 2016

After work drinks
After work drinks
After work drinks
After work drinks
After work drinks
After work drinks
After work drinks
After work drinks
After work drinks
After work drinks

As one of Sydney’s most institutional bars, The Argyle knows a thing or two about those times when a quick after work drinks turn into a mid-week all nighter. They also know allll about hen’s nights, happy hours and summer sessions, but that’s a chat for another day. 

As avid after-work drinkers ourselves (#sorrynotsorry), we’ve joined forces with these party legends to give you a collective LOL at the 20 things that have happened to all of us when after work drinks go all night long. 

You know it’s true, you little party animal, you.

  1. Pre drinks in the office start promptly at 3pm. It’s the most cost effective way to get a (cheap) head start on your night. Plus, drinks > office, every time.
  2. It only seems right to make the most of those bonus sunshine hours (cheers, daylight savings) so you skip out of the office early and straight to The Argyle’s beer garden.
  3. The sun is shining, and you’re bonding with your boss over the house white and the new summer sharing menu. Is this what they call ‘networking’? 
  4. You awkwardly fish for your wallet at the bar, hoping the boss will foot the bill. They don’t.
  5. You swear that you’re ‘only staying for one, because I have sooooo much on tomorrow’. You know that this is a lie and so does everyone else. 
  6. The Argyle’s happy hour (from 5pm–7pm) means $5 house drinks. Say no more, we’ll take two (of everything).
  7. The guilt and dread for the next day’s hangover settles in around drink three. 
  8. But promptly leaves again following drink four. You’ll be fiiiiine.
  9. It’s around this time you up the ante and ditch the house drinks in favour of the $10 cocktails (available on Thursdays, which is pretty much the new Friday).
  10. At this point it’s become obvious that the most economical way to get through the night is to do rounds. Of cocktail jugs. 
  11. Pimms, Aperol, Sangria, repeat. 
  12. The line between boss and pleb is quickly blurring—you’re three cocktail jugs deep and things have started to get very honest. You decide the only option is to cross your fingers and hope you don’t get yourself fired.
  13. You all crowd around the campfire (read: table covered in pizza and drinks) and tell horror stories about your old bosses.
  14. You make the rookie error of checking your email, and are immediately hit with harsh wave of reality when you remember that meeting you have at 9am tomorrow.
  15. But then the DJ plays a Bieber medley and all is right in the world. 
  16. The dark horse in the office (who you forgot was even there) suddenly makes herself known, transforming from the meek/polite/shy PA into the rowdiest AF human. 
  17. You proceed to hit the d-floor with your new BF, documenting the whole thing on Snapchat. Because no one has ever regretted a drunken Snapchat, right?
  18. You’re suddenly starving—the kind of drunk hungry that only several types of meat consumed in tandem will fix. The Argyle’s Pitmaster Smoked BBQ Platter has never looked so damn good. It’s chocked with smoked beer short ribs, pulled pork shoulder, beef brisket and salads, slaw, and sauces. C’mon!
  19. A meat-fuelled second wind takes hold, and you move back on to cocktails.  
  20. You decide to be a responsible human and go home before heading back into the office in a few short hours, only to wake up the morning after in a pool of questionable decisions. But devouring that entire 18-inch New York Pizza from The Argyle definitely isn’t one of them.

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Image credit: Claudia Schmueli 

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