20 Totally Sydney Things That Happened In 2016

By Simone Jovel
21st Dec 2016

Doughnut Time Golden Gaytime

Sydney was so Sydney in 2016. Here's a list of things to look back on that’ll make you say, “Naww, Syds, you do you; we love it”.

  1. People really, and we mean like REALLY, wanted to hang outside, in a bed, and watch movies.
  2. Golden Gaytime donuts are now something we don’t know how we ever lived without.
  3. We just couldn’t get enough of Golden Gaytime anything TBH.
  4. Eating fried chicken out of a shoebox and washing it down with a glass of moet. 
  5. We got our first ever urban winery.
  6. Everybody wanted to borrow other people’s dogs; all of the fun, with none of the commitment.
  7. Fairy bread is still our favourite snack.
  8. Never affording a house because our collective love for smashed avo is just too real.
  9. What did we even drink before Frosé?
  10. Sydney now has a Nutella dessert bar.
  11. Our favourite fried chicken festival returned. Please come back.
  12. The Apple gods finally took our conversations to the next level. Hello bacon emoji.
  13. Seeing the Anzac Bridge in all it’s glory at the end of every The Bachelor ep.
  14. 2016 saw our fair city score its first ever espresso martini bar. Side note: they do a great margarita too.
  15. A huge food truck festival overtook Sydney’s west (and our social feeds).
  16. We all wanted a summer bod without having to exercise #fitspoforlyfe.
  17. The search for a beach that is actually a secret continues.
  18. Fights over Sydney’s best cheeseburger caused break ups.
  19. We only went to bars that were on a rooftop.
  20. Hokkaido Cheese Tarts arrived.

This was our most read story of 2016.

Image credit: Doughnut Time

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