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21 Reasons Celebrity Spray Tans Are Better Than Yours

By Phoebe McRae
16th Feb 2017

Tan Temple Sydney

Ever wondered how celebs get that golden, glistening, flawless faux-glow on the regular? Same. So on behalf of every pale person in Sydney, we took on the challenge of working out why the hell celebrity spray tans are better than ours—because LBH, everybody looks better bronzed.

It all starts and ends with Tan Temple (yes, it really is that simple). The super luxe Bondi salon offers air compression technology, with every application completely customised to your skin type and tanning needs. There’s even a champagne lounge... So thanks to the TT team we’ve come up with 21 reasons celeb tans may be better than yours—but that doesn’t mean you can’t get one for yourself! If you manage to score #9 though, can you let us know how?  

Here's the oh-so legit formula to a celeb-worthy tan:

1. They have alllll of the dollar bills. Jokes—you can get the best tan in town for only $55.

2. Their bone structure is better than yours, sorry guys some things in life just aren’t fair.

3. They don’t drink any alcohol the week before. Let’s start with a fresh AF base people.

4. They’re clean eating too.

5. And they are pretty much hydrated 24/7. 

6. So obvs their skin is super supple and fresh.

7. And their glow is probs natural, emanating from within. Go on, drink that H20!

8. When it comes to prep, we’re almost certain they pay someone else to exfoliate their knees and elbows for them. But you can do it for freeee.

9. And their personal assistants make sure any and all nail, laser, botox and hair appointments happen at least 24 hours pre-tan. Duh. Hot tip: be your own PA.

10. They only go to super luxe salons (holla, Tan Temple!).

11. Because that’s where you can get a customised tan.

12. And a really good fake tan is allllll about technique.

13. Only the really luxe salons use air compression technology, the fancy technical secret behind a quality bronzing.

14. Plus they have champagne. Just sayin’.

15. Post spray they only wear overpriced bedazzled kaftans.

16. No bras are allowed, or even necessary because they’re not real.

17. They have a driver so seatbelt smudges are never an issue. Fact: you have Uber.

18. They don’t sweat.

19. They employ someone to wash it off (kinda unnecessary).

20. And someone completely different to do the post-tan moisturising (you can totally just DIY).

21. They’re #filtered (but who isn’t) and we all know even the best filter looks 147 times better when you have a golden tan.

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Design credit: Gabby Stjernqvist | Image credit: Federica Portentoso

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