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21 Reasons To Stay In Sydney This Easter

By Phoebe McRae
3rd Apr 2017

It’s almost Easter (yes, already). Hands up if you (like us) have one of those annoying co-workers bragging about going to Bali for the best damn long weekend of their lives, but you know what? We actually can’t think of anything worse than leaving Sydney.

The legends at The Star totally agree so we’ve teamed up to bring you this neat list of all the reasons to stay in Sydney this Easter. You can thank us later when there’s no Bali belly in sight.

  1. If you do try and leave you'll be stuck in at least 2 hours worth of traffic just getting out of the CBD.
  2. Then your plane will be delayed.
  3. And nobody likes airport food (how can you charge so much for a toasted sandwich—HOW?!).
  4. Especially when you could be eating steak at Black Bar & Grill.
  5. Everyone knows Good Friday Eve is the biggest night of the year.
  6. And that Marquee is the place to be.
  7. You can drink all of the drinks knowing you can sleep in.
  8. And stay in your pyjamas until midday.
  9. Eating chocolate in the shame-free comfort of your own home (obvs).
  10. Oh, and binge watching 5 seasons of The OC of course (#RIPMarissa).
  11. It’s finallllly going to be sunny.
  12. And everyone else will be out of town so you can sleep off your hangover on a beach in peace.
  13. Or just head straight back to the bar (we don’t judge).
  14. Heads up: The Star is open alllll weekend long.
  15. And we can hear the Bermuda Triangles (think long island ice tea with a twist) at Sky Terrace calling our name from here.
  16. You know those tourists that you’ve become oh-so-sick of over summer? Welllll they’re not here either.
  17. So you will finally be able to bag yourself a window seat at Balla.
  18. Or stuff yourself silly at Harvest Buffet’s decadent seafood feast (instead of facing the fish markets, duh).
  19. When you don’t want to go home you can just hang out at the 24/7 Sports Bar.
  20. And when you do you can sleep off your food coma in the comfort of your own bed.
  21. Then you can eat more chocolate, guilt-free, and think of all the money you didn’t spend in Bali.

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Image credit: The Star

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