26 Things That Are So Surry Hills It Hurts

By Sophia Fukunishi
14th Mar 2016

surry hills

Ahhh, Surry Hills. The 2010. The area in which 42%* of Sydney’s bars and cafes are concentrated. It may be a nightmare for some, but for others it’s a wonderland filled with well dressed 20-somethings, good food, good booze and an attitude that says, “I don’t really care, but I actually kind of do.”

So if you live, work or just frequent Surry Hills, you’ll love this list. Or you’ll hate it. But whatever because, as noted above, I don’t really care (but I actually kind of do).

*not an actual stat.

  1. Pretending you don’t hear the passive-aggressive DING of a cyclist every time you run across the bike path on Bourke Street without looking.
  2. Admiring everyone else’s street style game.
  3. The kitchen in your shared terrace house is a relic from another time.
  4. Finding an all day parking spot is a miracle (and then checking the sign a million times just to be sure).
  5. Parking fines building up in your kitchen drawer like little paper trophies.
  6. Having to allow about 30 minutes wait time for brunch at any given Surry Hills cafe on any given weekend.
  7. Being legitimately sad when Dasher the Surry Hills dog died.
  8. The pain of walking up Foveaux Street. But doing it because it’s a free workout.
  9. Knowing the weeknight deals at the local pubs (rent isn’t cheap, you guys)
  10. Speaking of rent, paying about 50% of your salary on renting a place barely large enough to store all your sneakers.
  11. All of the dogs. And the dog friendly places.
  12. Getting annoyed at people who want to taste heaps of flavours at Messina.
  13. Paying more than $3.50 for a coffee is unacceptable, unless it’s with soy milk, then $4 is passable.
  14. All you can eat pizza at Pizza Birra on Monday nights.
  15. Wearing your active wear at Cali Press.
  16. Holding your breath every time you walk across Taylor Square.
  17. Trying to grab a seat out on the balcony at The Clock Hotel in the afternoon sun.
  18. Yelling across the table to your date because the restaurant is so crowded.
  19. Waiting 40 minutes for a table at Vacanza (but it’s so worth it).
  20. Uber X is your primary form of transport.
  21. Loving the new cafes opening up every other week, but still giving love to the classics. 
  22. Wishing you lived a liiiittle bit closer to Bourke Street Bakery so you could eat their sausage rolls all the time.
  23. Setting your phone alarm to remind you to move your car every two hours because parking inspectors looooove Surry Hills.
  24. Surry Hills Shopping Village is lovingly referred to as “Murder Mall” by you and your friends.
  25. Not being 100% sure where Surry Hills ends and Darlinghurst begins.
  26. Some may say it’s a little bit dodgy, but you see it as character.

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Image credit: Federica Portentoso

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