27 Things You Should NEVER Say To A Sydneysider

By Anna May
27th Aug 2017


Us Sydneysiders are a fickle bunch. We like our beaches hot, our beer cold, and our avocado toast piled high to make us forget about our troubles. But unless you speak fluent Sydders, you might have a little bit of trouble navigating the murky waters, and I don’t just mean those at Circular Quay. 

Avoid the following, and you’ll avoid getting a very expensive, house-roasted coffee thrown in your face. What a waste that would be. 

  1. “Magpies are seriously misunderstood creatures.”
  2. “Are you SURE this breakfast is worth the hour-long wait?”
  3. “Let’s go check out Kings Cross tonight!”
  4. “Yikes. Your apartment is really small.”
  5. Messina is overrated.”
  6. “Public transport here isn’t that bad.”
  7. “Chuck another shrimp on the barbie. HAHAHAHAHA.”
  8. “How come you don’t own your own place yet?”
  9. “You won’t need an umbrella, trust me.”
  10. “Now that I’ve been to Melbourne, I really don’t get the Sydney hype.”
  11. “The tunnel and the bridge are the same amount of time, don’t rush.”
  12. “I actually quite like the lockout laws.”
  13. “The line for Messina was long, so I got us a Cornetto.”
  14. “Haha, State Of Origin is kind of pointless now, don’t you think?”
  15. “Coffee is just coffee. It will be quicker to grab one from Maccas.”
  16. “Do you really need that side of avocado?”
  17. “Can you please drive me to the airport in the morning? My flight is at 7.15am.”
  18. “Neighbours shits all over Home & Away.”
  19. “Is it really that hard to save for a mortgage?”
  20. “Goodness me. That outfit makes you look like a hipster.”
  21. “Just one drink, and then we’ll go home.”
  22. “Taxis are so much better than Ubers.”
  23. “You’re STILL single?!”
  24. “Can you take a photo of me next to the Opera House, but with no-one else in it?”
  25. “Oops, sorry. You were meant to turn there. When’s the next right turn?”
  26. “Shit. I forgot to bring the cheese and rosé.”
  27. “Moist.”

If you're from The Hills, then you know this is all true.

Bondi Beach | Image credit: Federica Portentoso

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