5 Types Of People You’re Guaranteed To Meet At The Airport

By Rachel Lay
19th Sep 2017

Sydney Airport

Airports are so much fun, they’re like magic little portals to your holidays. Plus, you’re always super excited because you’re going on holiday, you’ve got your out of office on, and you’re ready to kick your feet up with a cocktail. Hey—us, too. Chances are, though, you’re 100% one of these people when you’re at the airport (we definitely are). We’ve teamed up with Sydney Airport to celebrate the people who bring it to life, because who else can you laugh at but yourself? 

PS—a whole heap of new stores and epic eateries have just opened at the airport, so be sure to check them out here:

#1 The ‘Grammer

The ‘Grammer—we all know one. They’re the one who grams everything from their boarding pass (with the ‘economy’ conveniently covered by their thumb) to their ridiculously delicious brunch and mimosa from Kitchen by Mike…it’s one of our favourite brunch spots in Sydney, and yup—it’s at the airport!

#2 The I’m Always Late

Everyone has a late friend. And if you don’t? Sorry, but you’re the late friend. The airport is no exception either with swathes of late friends congregating in one place. You’ll find them grabbing a quick salad at Sumo Salad Green on Green and a coffee to go from Campos as they impatiently check their watches while sprinting to their gate. Hey, we’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: good coffee is always a reason to be late.

#3 The “I’ve Got Access To The Lounge”

This is that person who’s always in trouble at customs for not taking their passport out of their LV passport holder while trying to sneak two litres of YSL Black Opium onto the plane, and through security. You’ll catch them updating their Instagram story as the browse the airport’s luxury section (hi, Gucci! #windowshopping) and bragging about their champagne from Bridge Bar, even though they’re flying economy.

#4 The I’m Wearing My PJs And I’ve Got No Shame

This person is, honestly, goals. They rock their sweat suit and jammies like no body’s business and look fab in the process. You’ll catch this person breezing through security (sans annoying zippers/ jewellery/ shoes that set the alarm off, mind you) and kicking back at Benny Burger with a burger in one hand and a shake in the other. It doesn’t get much chiller than this person until they toast to their travel with a few cold ones at Heineken House.

#5 The I’m Judging You

In case you couldn’t tell, the writer of this article is 100% the judger. You’ll catch them with a Who Weekly in hand, and their feet firmly planted at The Bistro by Wolfgang Puck with a three-course meal on the way, and their bestie on loud speaker as they down another mimosa. They will, 110% be stocking up on M.A.C make-up at HEINEMANN Tax & Duty Free and grabbing 10-15 croissants from Luxe Bakery “for the road.”

All this airport talk got you craving a holiday? Check out the new retailers here (warning: do NOT click this if you’re hungry…they’re delicious). 

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Image credit: Via Stocksy

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