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50 Things To Do In Sydney This Autumn

By Phoebe McRae
1st Mar 2017

Summer is over and LBH, it’s no longer the most wonderful time of the year. Lucky for us, there are still heap of things to do in Sydney while the sun is shining, and daylight savings is still around—autumn is our second favourite season after all (well, kinda).

Here are 50 of the absolute best things to do in Sydney this autumn. Let’s do this.

  1. Eat outdoors (al fresco all the way) and bask in what’s left of the sunshine.
  2. Have a Sunday session on a Saturday.
  3. Try a smoked cocktail after dark.
  4. Check out this brand spankin’ new wine parlour.
  5. Jump on the freezling bandwagon.
  6. Work off those liquid calories at RollerFit.
  7. Maintain a healthy glow thanks to the team at Tan Temple.
  8. Get cultured at Africultures. Food is culture, right?
  9. Nail mindfulness with this lazy person’s guide
  10. Get your green thumb on (and try not to kill the plants).
  11. Order something other than avo on toast for breakfast.
  12. Go kayaking.
  13. Or do a coastal walk.
  14. You could even go for a run.
  15. Get adult AF at the opera.
  16. Learn how to make cheese.
  17. Start a new hobby (Netflix doesn’t count). 
  18. Knit yourself a scarf.
  19. Seat yourself at an outdoor cinema.
  20. Eat your weight in sushi.
  21. Or pizza.
  22. As well as waffles.
  23. Then burn it all off at a wine fun run.
  24. Treat yo’ self to a long, leisurely lunch.
  25. LOL at the Sydney Comedy Festival.
  26. Save the world and get amongst Earth Hour.
  27. Unleash your inner budget baller with 50 more awesome things to do under $50.
  28. Then splurge with this totally luxe list.
  29. Take an art class and BYO wine. 
  30. Book yourself into a health retreat (it’s time).
  31. Pay it forward.
  32. Carb load.
  33. Take a bike ride through Centennial Park and grab a basket of goodies at Centennial Parklands Dining.
  34. Go on a new hidden adventure.
  35. Take a nap.
  36. Try one of these Golden Gaytime desserts.
  37. See a side of Warhol you’ve never seen at AGNSW.
  38. Watch Harry Potter with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.
  39. Wine and dine at Owl House for only $35 a pop (for entrée and main or main and dessert plus a glass of vino). 
  40. Walk through IKEA and look for these people. 
  41. Eat every single crab dish at The Morrison Bar & Oyster Room annual Crab Carnival.
  42. Make your way through the best podcasts of the last year.
  43. Walk through the Botanic Gardens stomping on leaves.
  44. Build your spice food tolerance at Parramasala.
  45. Binge watch Stranger Things in preparation for season two.
  46. Sleep over at Cockatoo Island before it gets too cold.
  47. Join the Darlo Country Club Brunch Club for bulk mimosas. Oh, and food.
  48. Check out this hidden gem in Bondi Junction.
  49. Treat yo’ self to a fresh loaf of bread.
  50. Get your laughing gear around a Sri Lankan hopper.
  51. Cry because summer is a whole year away.

Already ticked everything off this list? Check this out.

Green Zembra | Image credit: Federica Portentoso

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