6 Awesome Places To Eat This Weekend

By Jessica Best
29th Apr 2016

encasa deli sydney

Gear up, we’re hitting you hard by throwing the best restaurants and cafes in Sydney at you for this weekend. And we’re not going to lie, this cooler weather may or may not have us eating a little more than we need… but when we’re faced with over the top doughnuts and chipotle pizza, do we really have a choice?



We already know you’re going to love this, so in advance, you’re welcome. Sending good vibes, good karma and good food is INDU, Indian cuisine at its best. Located in the heart of the city, this eatery fosters a celebration of village culture and fragrant, coastal flavours from Southern India, offering aesthetic and damn tasty spreads of pumpkin-mango curry and coconut broths. Grab your clan and go for INDU’s beetroot-apple raita with roasted walnuts and fresh mint or go all out and order “The Great” Lamb raan, marinated and tenderly slow roasted over 48 hours, served with fresh mint chutney and lunumiris. Like we said, you’re welcome.

Four in Hand


In search of a new type of food hang out? Well, Four in Hand has anticipated the change, bringing you a new style of pub, a hybrid of fancy dining feels and easy pub vibes. But that’s not the only change that’s happened in this iconic food hub, they also have a new menu. Featuring the likes of tinned anchovy with butter, watercress and toast as well as reuben brisket and sauerkraut cromesques. And for all you creatures of habit, yes, Guillaume Brahimi still offers up that famous Sunday roast.

Encasa Deli


Giant salamis, whole legs of jamon and wheels of cheese not meant to be eaten alone (but don’t blame us for trying). Encasa Deli boasts authentic Spanish cuisine and wholesome coffee, marvel at Spanish groceries or grab a quick baguette stuffed with roast pork leg, queso fresco and capsicum mojo. If you’re not on the go, order up a total tapas indulgence with your mates with options like EnCasa’s chipotle pizza (winner), peeled king prawns in sizzling aioli or grilled figs stuffed with goats cheese, jamon, walnuts and topped with truffle honey. Not that you need anymore convincing but they also do a mean banana, delete de leche pavlova.

Harpoon Harry’s Dining Room

Surry Hills

Harpoon Harry, can you do no wrong? As always, the crux of Latin-American food plates up bar snack perfection; smoked chicken wings in an Alabama white sauce and gas station boiled peanuts. We’ll drink to that. But if bursting your bellies is first on your agenda then the full blown Southern American experience on the second floor of the hotel with a kitchen open until late, is for you. Featuring casual dining with satisfying choices such as the steak dinner for two, grilled lamb rump with braised field peas and kale, bone marrow pudding as a side and the Fraser Island crab ravigote. Oh, and the fried apple pie because fried apple pie.

Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel

Watson’s Bay

There’s almost nothing we love more than the announcement of a new brunch menu, so thank you Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel for making our weekend. The iconic boutique has just revamped their mid-morning feast and it’s so good we’re having a hard time choosing just one thing. Now serving steamy ricotta hotcakes dabbled in banana and blueberry, spicy Alaskan crab and freshly made Bloody Marys, the new listings make for an even better way to spend your time with friends and food against a scenic backdrop. Bookings are essential (no walk-ins, guys).

Doughnut Time

Multiple locations

We’re all about a voluptuous and mouth-watering body… get your mind out of the gutter Sydney, we’re talkin’ doughnuts. Now we know that all doughnuts aren’t created equal but we can’t help favouring the frosty holy experiences (pun intended) that have blessed our lives by the juggernauts of sweet treats. The newest addition to Doughnut Time’s sugar-filled menu comes in the form of a hot chocolate. But don’t go thinking this is any ordinary hot chocolate. This bad boy has a Nutella base topped with Hershey’s cream, Milo rocks, Hershey’s Kisses, white chocolate and M&M bark and finished with a dusting of couverture coco. Yep, it’s epic and you know you want it.

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Image credit: Federica Portentoso at Encasa Deli

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