6 Electric Car Myths And Misconceptions We’re Debunking

By Renée Ardon-Coppinger

Sleek aesthetics, petrol savings and less environmental footprint—we asked our audience all about why they'd love to invest in a more sustainable vehicle, and you had plenty to say. With 34% of you definitely considering buying an electric car and 6% already proud owners, we wanted to dig a little deeper into the 33% still a little on the fence, so we teamed up with the experts at BMW to uncover some of your most pressing questions. 

Here are 6 electric car myths and misconceptions we’re debunking this year.

Myth #1: They’re Way More Expensive

With our wallets getting tighter in this never-ending current cost of living crisis, we get why 53% of you are thinking about your pockets. Besides the thousands of dollars saved on petrol per year, electric cars also have fewer moving parts making them less expensive to maintain and have lower running costs than internal combustion engine vehicles saving you many a trip to the mechanic. Thanks to the global surge in demand, battery prices also continue falling meaning a cheaper outlay for those environmentally-savvy buyers.

Myth #2: Electric Vehicles Lack Speed

Turns out you don’t need to give up those Fast and Furious dreams to save the planet. Contrary to popular beliefs, electric cars deliver full torque instantly meaning they accelerate way faster than that second-hand sedan of yours ever could. Team that up with their smooth lower center of gravity thanks to the battery placement under the car, and you’re ready to race.

Myth #3: They’re Just As Bad For The Environment

Wrong again. Battery-powered electric vehicles emit zero exhaust emissions, plus research suggests that even coal-fired electricity vehicles generate far lower net emissions than your traditional fuel-run cars. Better still, vehicle manufacturers are leading the charge in battery recycling and repurposing, reducing and repurposing waste in the long run.

Myth #4: They’re A Passing Fad

Some of you were nervous at the idea of purchasing an EV in fear they were just a fleeting prototype. With over 43,092 electric vehicles already sold in the first half of 2023, leading countries such as Norway are now seeing rates of over 50% of electric cars on their roads, while major industry leaders such as the US and China are also seeing surging numbers of electric vehicles meaning these more eco-friendly designs are definitely here to stay.

Myth #5: Australia Doesn’t Have Enough Charging Stations

With a 345% increase in electric car sales in the past 12 months, governments are recognising the urgency for new accessible charging infrastructure across the country. Both federal and state governments as well as local councils are prioritsing investment in accessible charging facilities while private companies are currently creating new building networks along highways. And while some of you inner-city apartment dwellers are not yet sold, building companies are adding mandatory charging platforms for new builds, while existing building owners are identifying the importance of charging stations for tenants too.

Myth #6: You Can’t Go Road Tripping With An Electric Vehicle

With 39% of you keen to set yourselves free of skyrocketing petrol prices at the pump, an electric vehicle is your ticket to fuss-free road tripping without all the stop offs. Current electric vehicles have an average battery life of around 480 km with newer models driving almost 550 km on a single charge, meaning you can hit the open road without a hitch. Happy travels.

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Image credit: Renée Ardon-Coppinger

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