6 Sydney Restaurant and Cafes to Visit This Weekend

By Anna May
12th Feb 2016

Eastern Bondi Junction Restaurant Bar

Forget the working week, it’s time to get amongst the buzz of the Sydney weekend. And what better way to enjoy it than by spoiling your tastebuds to an absolute cafe and restaurant food frenzy! Too many choices to choose from? Yes, sometimes there’s just too many chia pots and single origin coffee joints to go around. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do the hard part for you (you’re welcome) and narrowed your options down to 6 Sydney restaurant and cafes to visit this weekend!

Mo’s Pantry


Come and get your weekly dose of country-cafe-culture in Sydney’s inner-west. Mo’s Pantry is nothing short of the classic, quirky little Newtown cafes we can’t stop Instagramming. You know, the ones gridded out secretively around Kings Street like land mines, a show ground area for the most eccentric and palatable take on coffee. Sourcing fresh and local produce, this tiny pantry is unpretentious in its blemished woods, homemade lemonade and laid back atmosphere. In fact, the owners are so laid back they’ll give you 10% off your very first order!



If little cafe nooks aren’t your thing or you’re looking to dine with the entire cast of West Side Story, Lemonia is the perfect sit-down for you. Refurbished by two brothers, this restored federation cottage now offers an expansive layout to dine and experience Greek cafe staples on mismatched plates. If their delicious and hearty Mediterranean-inspired menu wasn’t enough, they also offer an all day brunch. Say it with us:

All. Day. Brunch.

That’s right. Because it’s never too late for a Spanish omelette or home-style porridge with poached pears and mixed berry compote.

El Topo

Bondi Junction

Spice up your Saturday and Sunday night in authentic Mexican style with a local twist at El Topo in The Eastern. Stringing psychedelic murals, festive al fresco dining and fairy lights together, you’ll find as much excitement scoping out the grounds as actually demolishing your pa’picar of tostadas de vieras- scallop ceviche, red hot jalapeño, eschallot, chives, coriander, lime, olive oil, sea salt, chipotle sour cream and smokey paprika, All complimented of course by the famous lime and orange concoction itself, the classic margarita. And it’s done right!

Tim Ho Wan


An Aussie first and a Michelin star dim sim restaurant—you can’t go wrong, really. Tucked away in The District—North Sydney’s recent home in the Chatswood interchange to an array of exotic and international culinary experiences, Tim Ho Wan’s dim sim treats and pork buns have the average punters joined in a cue outside the restaurant eagerly waiting to be seated to sink their teeth into a hand of salty, spongey goodness. And don’t even get us started on the iconic dumpling plates boasting an intense wasabi mayo seizure. #drool

Bay Ten Espresso 

Lavender Bay

When you message your friends to have coffee in a converted shipping container—they’ll thank you later. Specialising in simplistic dishes (are you as relieved as we are?), Bay Ten Espresso is a coffee bar in North Sydney with a little secret. It’s Lycra friendly. Indeed, you can roll in on your push bike as a sweaty mess. Can’t ride a bike? The good ole’ walk-in is still more than welcome.

Henri Marc


Caramel toast. It’s a thing. And not just any thing. A great thing. A polished, open plan Sydney cafe with interior design so blatantly on point the walls are more on point than the Kardashians combined; Henri Marc is working suspended Edison bulbs, rustic counters, an exposed brick facade and a reputation for strong coffee. Oh and that caramel toast? Think light and fluffy sourdough buried under a blanket of oozing, dark home-made liquid gold. The salivation is real.

Image credit: El Topo

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