7 Of Sydney’s Best Urban Legends

By Anna May
17th Feb 2016

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If you’ve lived in Sydney long enough, odds are your ears have been subject to some pretty tall tales, creepy stories, or odd beliefs. Most commonly the theory that we’ll one day get a public transport system that works (SAY WHAAAAT?!)

But seriously, who doesn’t love a story that ‘happened to a friend of a friend of mine’? These are the best, creepiest, and most tell-worthy urban legends involving Sydney. 

Sleep with the lights on for the next few months. Or go exploring to see if they’re true. 

#1 Wakehurst Parkway Ghost

Driving down Wakehurst Parkway at night is creepy at the best of times, but you’ll never do it alone again after hearing this one. Legend has it that a young girl was killed in a car crash at the traffic lights near Oxford Falls many years ago, and continues to haunt the lights. If you’re supremely unlucky, you’ll see her appear in your car at the lights, and she will try to take control of the car unless you firmly tell her to go away. Sweet dreams!

#2 Abandoned Railway Tunnels

As if moving through pitch black on a rattly train isn’t creepy enough, there’s the thought (nightmare?) that there’s a huge, hairless monster lurking in the abandoned train tunnels that live under Sydney. Someone even made a movie about it (so it must be true). If you don’t believe that, there’s always the theory that the abandoned or incomplete tunnels are filled with drugs, smugglers and hidden corpses left there by said smugglers. 

#3 The Big ‘Ol Sydney Orgy

Not so much creepy, but without a doubt one of the more disturbing Sydney urban legends out there. Rumour has it that when female convicts made it to Sydney shores in the late 1700s, the men were so beside themselves with rum and excitement that a full-blown orgy broke out in celebration of vajayjays being present. Think about that next time you’re taking a family snap in The Rocks. Your great-great-great-great grandmother may have been conceived there. #blessed.

#4 The Blue Mountains Panther

This isn’t scary, but it’s damn exciting to think it may well be true. Over the years, many have claimed to see an exotic big cat roaming around The Blue Mountains, similar in size to a panther and all kinds of awesome. Reports date back over 100 years, to the point that it’s weird for locals to not believe it exists… Apparently. 

This may well explain the amount of cat ladies in the area, but of course that is unconfirmed by data. 

#5 Devil At Luna Park

A family of four headed to Luna Park in the late 1970s for a day of fun, and after disembarking the ferry they were approached by a horned man swathed in fur and wearing an evil mask, and took a photograph of their son with him. A few short hours later, the children and father perished in a freak fire while riding the ghost train ride. When the photo surfaced, no one knew who the horned man was, or why he was there *creepy music and ominous laughter*.

#6 Cry-baby Serial Killer

Legend states that a woman heard a baby crying outside her front door and immediately called the police, who quickly told her to NOT open the door under any circumstances and hung up. The crying moved around the house, closer to the window, and the woman called the police again, only to be told there was a serial killer that got women to open their door by playing a recording of a crying baby outside their window, then murdered them. How they found that out after the victims were, y’know, dead, I’m not sure, but it’s a good one nonetheless. 

#7 The Dog in the Suitcase

My personal favourite, the dog in the suitcase story tells the tale of a girl who was dog sitting for her friends in the East, and took it on a weekend away to Palm Beach. She woke up the next day, hung over AF, with notes from her friends saying they had headed back to the city and a lifeless dog beside her. Yep, it died at some point in the night. 

Without a car, she put the dog in a suitcase and braved the dreaded L90 home. When she got to Central, the girl was stopped by a young man and asked what on earth was in that enormous suitcase she was lugging around. Not wanting to tell him, she exclaimed that her boyfriend was a successful DJ, and these were his decks. The man offered to help her carry them, and then promptly ran away with what he believed to be a very valuable item. Nope. Dog. 

…I believed this for longer than I care to admit. 

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