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A Bingo Rave Is Coming To Sydney!

By Ange Law
27th Apr 2017

bongo rave party sydney

Yes, you read right Sydney—a bingo rave night is coming, and we’re about to teach you what that actually means. You’re probably picturing your nan right about now, but put that out of your mind, because poor nan probably wouldn’t enjoy this one.
There’ll be rave intervals, competitive bingo battles and dancing on tables is absolutely allowed encouraged. You may have seen these events in the UK (they bloody love it), so now it’s our turn. You should buy tickets if you love a bit of healthy competition and the chance to win some epic prizes. 

For more details, and to stay up to date on the DJ line-up and ticket sales, head here

The Details

What: Bongos Bingo Down Under
When: Friday 23 June
Where: Paddington

There's also a Game of Thrones-themed wine festival coming to Sydney.

Image credit: Bongos Bingo UK

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