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A GoT Red Wedding Banquet Is Coming To Sydney

By Yvonne Lam - 22 Jun 2018

Did anyone else have a medieval feast reenactment for Year 8 history? Anyone? Anyone? You got to drink alcohol-free wine and wear braids in your hair? Anyone? Anyone? 

K maybe just my school (hello Principal Knox if you’re reading!), but here’s round two. There is an immersive Game of Thrones-style medieval banquet experience coming to Sydney, and you’ve GoT to go. 

It’s called The Red Wedding Banquet, after the GoT stitch-up to end all stitch-ups. It promises knights, medieval music and goblets of ale. It sounds pretty epic, but let’s just hope it ends more happily than the Red Wedding itself and with a lot less, well, red. Leave your family feuds at home pls. 

The when and wheres are a mystery at the moment, but it’s expected to happen in October this year. 

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Image credit: HBO

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