A Local’s Guide To Mosman

By Ally Parker
28th Mar 2017

best spots in mosman

Zoo-schmoo, there's more to Mosman that those long necks* at Taronga. There’s cheese, specially blended coffee, more cheese and the freshest cocktail this side of the Pacific Ocean. Did we mention cheese? Beause there’s a darn tootin’ flaming wheel of it. 

Read on for more of Mosman’s little charmers.

Source Espresso Bar

Military Road

Those with an addiction to caffeine should be cautious; one sip at Source Espresso Bar and you might never want to leave. Source Espresso serve up high-quality, small estate coffee for the residents of Mosman on the reg. They have a unique, in-house way of roasting their beans (shh, it’s a secret) and despite frequent trips (to SEB and ‘Jitter Town’) we’ve yet to cotton on. All in good time… But for now, it’s time to soak up that coffee with an all day breakfast. Dukkah eggs anyone?

Salt Meats Cheese

Military Road

Ah Salt Meats Cheese, the name of a pretty cool restaurant and coincidentally, our future girl band. If you call Mos’ or its surrounds home, you’ve likely said howdy to the gang at SMC, even if it was just for a cup of their specially blended coffee. Handmade pasta, share plates (the NY Packers plate is a fav with meats and crusty bread) and cheese towers that resemble wedding cakes—is there anything else quite so glorious? Yes it does: the flaming cheese wheel night on a Wednesday. Any place whose motto is “the cheesier the better” get’s our vote. Yes, it’s on Military Road, but it’s totally worth it. 

Avenue Road Café

Avenue Road (wah-hey!)

Ricotta pancakes, house-toasted maple granola, truffle mushroom and prosciutto bruschetta. Salivating? You should be (those were the magic words right?). Our next stop takes us to Avenue Road Café on; you guessed it, Avenue Road. Avenue Road Café is a favourite amongst locals not only for its reasonable prices and choice cuppa, but all day breakfast (the best meal of all time), and lunch options like the crispy pork belly sandwich, and the outside tables’ proclivity for people watching. 

The Penny Royal

Spit Road

We’re headed up to Spit Road now to The Penny Royal and if you slow us down on our way to a drunken ham & cheese sandwich (with homemade whiskey and fennel onion relish), we’ll be in a right tizzy. The same goes for the B&E roll (brioche with prosciutto, avocado, egg, provolone cheese and handmade tomato relish) and Nutorious muffins by James Sideris (those ones with the syrup/chocolate filled syringes). You may have to line-up for a hot minute, or plan a trip outside of peak, but one thing’s for sure; this hole-in-the-wall café is worth the wait. Every Mosman local knows these guys are more than a well-cooked egg; try out a low-key evening session for a bevy.

Bistro Moncur

Middle Head Road

Ask any Frenchman and they’ll tell you, French cuisine is so much more than croissants (and to please, stop saying it with increasing enthusiasm until we applaud your language skills). Embracing this concept, and marrying it with fresh Aussie produce, is Bistro Moncur Mosman. It’s on the exxy side of things but we can promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised. We highly recommend the Moncur Spritz (Hendricks gin, elderflower liqueur, lime, Prosecco and Fever Tree soda) aka the freshest drink this side of the Pacific. Bonus: the Mosman Croquet Club is just around the corner if you’d like to continue the French theme and/or re-enact Heathers. 

The Cheese Shop

Military Road

Oh hello there! Fancy running into you at The Cheese Shop! Fine, we practically live here, but we’d appreciate a little help in this façade of ours ‘mmkay? With over 30 years experience, the guys and gals at Mosman’s The Cheese Shop have well and truly earned their loyal local following. Don’t know your Brie from your Camembert? Don’t worry; they’ll help you out. Now for the wine…

Xtend Barre

Military Road

We’ve had our fill of carbs and coffee, now to pop across the road and tone that tum (or bum, as the case may be). Your fit friend has been raving about barre for a while now, so hop to it! After all, post-barre you will likely be so sore you’ll never hop again (for the first few sessions that is). Xtend Barre is a great way to get fit and the Mosman crew are some of the best. You’ll love this unique combination of Pilates and ballet but fair warning, prepare to be blindingly aware of your quads and rue the day ‘eccentric exercises’ were invented.

Blowdry Boutique

Military Road

Ever wondered how that one friend always shows up to dinner looking like she’s one stiletto short of a catwalk? Yep, she’s been hitting a blow dry bar. Owner of Mosman’s Blowdry Boutique Jessica Barr is one hard-working gal (she’s set her skills to the likes of Jade Jaggar, Jennifer Hawkins and Tara Moss) and it certainly shows. She opened up a second shop in Mosman after resounding success in Double Bay, and just quietly, we couldn’t be happier. A signature blowdry will set you back $45 doubloons, but that bounce in your step? Priceless. 

*Giraffes! They’re called giraffes. 

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Alana Dimou | Image credit: Bistro Moncur

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