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A Marriage Equality Golden Gaytime Shake Exists

By Ange Law
19th Sep 2017


Oh Milky Lane, you ridiculous OTT burger joint. You’ve gone and stolen our hearts (and all of our dreams of rocking a killer summer bod) in the one milkshake. If you’re a fan of marriage equality (so uh, all of you) and love yourself a Golden Gaytime-related anything, then this one’s for you. 

These guys are our mates, which is why we’re so damn chuffed that they’re sharing all of the marriage equality love with a milkshake—the Love is Love shake—that will send any sugar addict into a spiralling food coma. Picture a rainbow frosted glass filled with a Golden Gaytime shake (no we’re talking) and a fluorescent red maple syrup foam. 

We just can’t even with this one guys. LOL jokes, we’ve already had five.

They've also gone and created mac 'n' cheese doughnuts, FYI.

Image credit: Milky Lane

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