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A Sydney Bar Is Serving Up DIY S’Mores

By Ange Law - 19 Jul 2017


We think it’s pretty safe to assume we’re all done with winter. Mother Nature has been teasing us with endless sunshine (you know the mornings when you dress for spring, only to be freezing by lunch) and were jack of it TBH. Thankfully, The Greens North Sydney get it, and they’ve upped their winter game to save everyone’s day. With s’mores. 

Yep, s’mores. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you’ll be able to park yourself by one of their delicious fire pits, armed with a bucket of s’mores ingredients (think marshmallows, chocolate and biscuits), and suddenly the ice winds won’t seem quite so lethal. 

They’re also serving up warm mulled cider, so you know what to do. 

The details:

What: S’Mores for Winter
When: Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Where: The Greens
Cost: $15 (bucket for two), $30 (with mulled cider)

Or just stay in and make your own mulled wine.

Image credit: The Greens

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