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A Vinyl Record Bar Has Opened In Newtown

By Ange Law
20th Mar 2017

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A new bar has opened in Newtown and they’re letting you choose your own drinking soundtrack for the night, which is basically the dream, right? Deep Groove is the newest kid to set up camp on King Street in Newtown. The vinyl record bar (insert nostalgia here) encourages happy patrons to select a track while ordering a brew. 

The process is pretty simple—you go to the bar, order your drink, choose your track from their impressive selection of vinyl (or, you know, off their iPad), and then wait for your song to come on. It’s basically like requesting a song at your high school dance, without the awkward teenagers and with a lot more booze—oh, and music that’s actually good. At Deep Groove, they don’t discriminate, so one minute you’ll be listening to Beyoncé and the next, it’ll be The Beatles.

They also run a mean $10 daily happy hour, from 5pm to 7pm—you know what to do. 

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Image credit: Lee Campbell via Unsplash

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