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Sydney Just Scored A New All-Day Vegan Breakfast Menu

By Yvonne Lam
10th Apr 2018


Wine comes from grapes, beer comes from barley, vodka from potatoes. So you can bet vegetarians and vegans love a cheeky bevo, ergo, hangovers.

In good news for our plant-eating (and plant-drinking) sisters and brothers needing a decent fry-up the morning-after, Lord of the Fries has a new all-day breakfast menu! Fans of the popular vegan fast-food joint can sink their teeth into the new range of “brekky buns” all day, e’rry day. 

The buns may bear an uncanny resemblance to the golden arches’ but rest assured they’re meat-free, cruelty-free and all-delicious. There’s facon, veggs, vegan cheese, chick’n (as in chick’n, bacon and maple syrup, encased in a waffle sandwich, whaaat…) but we’re most excited about the Lord of the Fries-style hash browns. Vegan or no, who’s going to turn down deep-fried carbs?

Check out your nearest LotF outlet here!

Love your vegan fast food? Domino’s is also serving up vegan-cheese pizzas.

Image credit: Supplied

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