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Your Favourite Bars Just Jumped On The Movember Train

By Ange Law
1st Nov 2017

movember sydney

We’ve officially reached the time of year when it’s socially acceptable, nay encouraged, for every man to walk around looking like a 1970s porn star. Welcome to Movember, people.

We don’t care whether you’re rocking a handlebar for a good cause or a good time, so long as you’re raising awareness for men’s health. But we’re here to tell you this year is going to be even more fun than usual—we’d like to introduce you to our new favourite game #MoTag. 

The rules are simple. All you need to do is head to any of the Applejack venues (hard task considering they’re all awesome), order an espresso martini, take a sip and leave a bit of the foam on your mo. Now the fun part. Snap a cheeky selfie with yo’ foam ‘stache and #MoTag. Then tag a mate to join in because sharing is caring. That’s literally it. 

What’s in it for you? Well, the pride of a job well done and the warm and fuzzies that come from knowing you’re supporting a cracking cause. Oh, and if they manage to serve 5,000 espresso martinis in the month, they’ll donate a chill $5,000 to charity. 

In case you need a gentle shove in the right direction, you’ll be aiming for The Butler Potts Point, The Botanist Kirribilli, Endeavour Tap Rooms, Bondi Hardware, SoCal and Della Hyde. We love options, so will clearly be sipping our way around all six venues. For all the details, head here

The Details

What: #MoTag
When: throughout November
Where: The Butler, The Botanist, Endeavour Tap Rooms, Bondi Hardware, SoCal, Della Hyde
Cost: 1 Espresso Martini

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Image credit: Applejack

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