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Are You That Person Who Posts Too Much On Facebook?

By Simone Jovel
5th Jul 2017

facebook feed changes

Let’s be real for just a minute. We all have THAT one friend, or are that friend, who, how should we say? Over-posts. You know what we mean. The kind where you walk away from your feed for half an hour and you’re left with a rundown of their last 29 minutes of life.

Now whilst we are so damn glad you got your cup of coffee Sandra, soon you won’t be able to tell us all about it—at least here’s hoping. In a push by our mate Mark to keep Facebook more informative, sites that push out low quality content on the reg are officially on notice.

So whilst it isn’t going to affect Sandra and her coffee just yet, when it comes to personal feeds this could be just the beginning. 

Editors note: over posting does not relate to photos, videos or memes of your dog, your friend’s dogs, or that really cute dog you just saw online. 

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Image credit: Elle

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