Australia’s First Ever 24/7 Pho Joint Is About To Open

By James Shackell
2nd Nov 2017


It’s the one pho pun we never considered, and also the one that makes the most sense. Presenting Australia’s first EVER 24-hour pho restaurant. That’s pho 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It never sleeps. 

Twenty Pho Seven is the latest venture from the crew behind Hochi Mama, along with long-time friends Thai Ho, Midawll Phal and George Do. Nice to see a bit of swagger in the venue too: the boys are already dubbing this “the best pho in Melbourne” and as Sydney-siders, we can't help but think "we'll be the judge of that". 

The pho itself is brewed to a secret recipe, handed down through the family for generations—probably locked in whatever nuclear vault The Colonel keeps his secret herbs and spices. The menu is pretty hush hush right now, but you can expect a range of beef and chicken pho (yes, with tripe and tendons) plus banh mi, spring rolls, rice paper rolls and bubble tea cocktails.

Twig and Co handled the fit-out, with a little help from designer Alexander Tang. If you've seen Hochi Mama you'll know what to expect: a slick Melbourne fusion of neon graphics, graffiti artwork, exposed brick and brushed concrete. 

Twenty Pho Seven is due to open in the last week of November in Melbourne. Watch this space...

Meanwhile, this is everywhere you can cuddle baby animals in Sydney.

Image credit: Twenty Pho Seven 

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