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By Jessica Best
19th Mar 2017

Best fish and chips Brisbane

Ah, childhood nostalgia. If you’re looking for the Sydney fish and chip juggernauts to re-live your youngin’ days of running into your local seafood shack to grab a greasy and delicious paper parcel, you’re going to want to keep reading.

This Australian combo nails it—deep-fried, grilled, oily, crispy, served on a plate, or folded in paper. We’re just glad that these bad boys are still a thing and in our hearts, will always be a thing.

Swim your way through these glorious hubs, here are the best fish and chips in Sydney!

Saint Peter


The team at Saint Peter know their fish. Like, REALLY know their fish. Don’t be fooled, there may also be a bunch of (delicious) fancy wines, and infused oysters on offer, but these guys serve up fish and chips just the way we love them—with a big battered piece of deep sea bream alongside thickly cut chips, pickled gherkins, malt onions and yoghurt tartare sauce.

Mohr Fish

Surry Hills

Seafood lovers gather round, the delish serving of sea goods here is definitely worth sinking your teeth into (plus this place is always overflowing with people). Yep, the fish and chip fare here is lightly fried and fleshy, and we absolutely love it.

Bliss And Chips


Ok, we can confirm that the vegan fish and chips are legit. Bliss and Chips is working complete magic with their absolutely animal-free menu, using fish made from soy-based protein and flavoured to make it seem like it just came fresh from the ocean!

Fish Shop

Potts Point

All hail this Potts Point seafood hub. Boasting beach shack feels with picnic tables, but with a surprisingly extensive beer and wine list (which is a win on our books). The chips are the size of wedges, the battered fish is salty and oiled to perfection and the tartare is served in a jar, or as we like to think of it, a little pot of happiness.



When people talk of fish shops in the Eastern suburbs, Out of the Blue is definitely the reigning champion of them all. When it comes to these fish and chips (we highly recommend adding chicken salt) with herb dressing or soya and sweet chilling sauce, you just can’t go wrong.

Kiwi Style Fish And Chips


Looking for your childhood chip shop reincarnated? Look no further. The fish and chips at Kiwi Style Fish and Chips are wrapped in paper to take away (though there are a few tables and chairs) plus you can choose between potato chips straight from NZ, or freshly cut Kumara chips if you’re a bit of a sweet potato lover.

Costi’s Fish And Chips


Famous for their delicious marinades and crunch, if you’re not visiting Costi’s on a weekly basis, we can’t be friends. Of course, their class fish and chip serving is delish, but should you want to do this whole #cleaneating thing, you can order up grilled barramundi and rice (but the chips are the kind that could heal a three-day old hangover, just saying). 


Manly and Bondi Beach

Everybody knows that if you’re looking for a quality take on ye ol’ fush and chups, Fishmongers has this staple Aussie combo down pat. Order up battered or grilled hoki with hand-cut chips and tartare sauce, or go all out and dig into an epic mongers box filled with all the battered goods.

Love Fish 

Rozelle and Barangaroo

Ok so “fish and chips” itself isn’t an option on the menu (keep reading), but these guys are huge on flavour so there’s nothing stopping you from ordering their downright delicious beer battered tiger flathead and polenta chips. With a focus on serving up sustainable seafood, take it from us when we say you will not regret eating here.

Fat Fish


What happens when three generations of a family make fish and chips for over thirty years? Fat Fish happens, that’s what. In other words, you get the fried and crispy seafood combo you’ve always wanted. And then you start visiting on a weekly basis. And then on the daily. And before you know it, you’re a fiend for Fat Fish.

Blue Pacific Grille


You could almost miss this seafood haven on Kingsway but we guarantee the fish fare here is something worth hooking your fingers around. The team here give you a heap of special tasty sauces and herb salts—you should definitely be hitting up their lime aioli (it goes with everything).

Bondi’s Best


No surprise, Bondi’s Best definitely makes the cut when it comes to smashing down crispy and juicy fish and chips. Everything here is served twice the normal size so expect long slabs of fried fish and chunky slices of sweet potato fries (and sure, you can order up a side of greens for good measure).

Ocean Foods


If you consider yourself a bit of a fish and chip snob (like us) then it might do you good to try the best fish and chips in the universe. No joke, the fish and chips here have won an actual award for being tasty AF. The fried fare here is golden and crumbed to perfection, and we suggest you order to go and enjoy your FnC down by the bay.

In the mood for more seafood? Check out Sydney's best.

Image credit: Jason Star

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