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10 Spots To Get a Cut Throat Shave In Sydney

By Jayme-Lee Fechner
16th Jul 2017


ICYMI the cut throat shave is having a bit of a revival in 2017. And because no one has time for teeny tiny bits of toilet paper stuck all over their face, we’ve rounded up a few of the best spots in Sydney to give those hipster beards the flick.

Let’s get one thing clear—we aren’t encouraging all the men of Sydney to wield straight edge razors (we don’t need a Gone Girl sequel).

Here are the 10 best places for a cut throat shave in Sydney.



If chivalry were a place, then that place would be SpaQ’s barbershop. Take a trip back to yesteryear, supported by an antique leather chair, and find out first hand what the art of shaving is all about.  Your ultimate goal of looking like Don Draper is not far off as a steaming scented towel and generous lather of shaving cream hits your face. Maybe it’s the complimentary Chivas Regal whiskey talking, but a cut throat shave is growing on us.

Hawleywood’s Barbershop


Hawleywood’s is here to shave the day (#sorrynotsorry). Originating in California, with a cool AF 40s atmosphere (think suspenders, fedoras and waistcoats), this shaving parlour will significantly up your styling game. A man’s sanctuary if you will, with vintage magazines, old-school tunes, and plenty of sailor Jerry’s tattoos on display, this really is the ultimate man-cave.

Hair by Tommy J


Tommy J was put on this planet to shave beards. Although Tommy’s beard is still intact, it doesn’t mean he hasn’t pulled a few Sweeny Todd manoeuvrers on his clients (not the whole meat pie situation, just the straight razor thing).  Tucked away in Redfern, this barbershop screams everything rockabilly. With eclectic barber artefacts scattered around the parlour, as well as skateboard decks hanging from the walls, you’ll feel like a real greaser in no time.

The Barber Shop

CBD + Barangaroo

We’re sensing a nostalgia theme when it comes to Sydney’s barbershops, and we sure aren’t complaining. Their CBD location oozes of a bygone era, with neatly placed old portraits on the walls and collectors’ items attuned to vintage interiors. This quaint space displays a high-quality standard, making even the most OCD of individuals feel relaxed. If that’s not enough to help you unwind, opt for their essential oil scented towels before your close shave. If you’re the total opposite, check out their attached cocktail bar and get lost back in time.

The Barberhood


The Barberhood is the hood of all hoods.  A place where boy becomes man (or man becomes boy if the J-Biebz look is your thing. Their Japanese crafted Belmont barber chairs will literally make you want to get on a plane, fly over to Japan and say thanks to the guy who created them. This modest little shop provides a good ol’ close shave, but their overall hospitality is probably what makes this spot feel so inviting.

Grand Royal Barbers

Surry Hills + Darlinghurst + CBD

With 5 generations of experience behind them, Grand Royal Barbers know what they’re doing. These guys are aaaallll for movember, but after a month full of quirky moustaches and inspiring (maybe not) beards, they know how to get down to the nitty gritty and exterminate every bit of facial hair. You’re welcome, current girlfriend of a bearded hipster.

Sterling Hairdressing Parlour and Barber Shop

Surry Hills

Sterling is seriously cutting edge—see what we did there? You’ll be hit by notes of cinnamon and cloves the moment you walk through the door, and you’re forgiven for thinking it’s 1954. But their fresh take on a vintage barbershop is the most impressive. Not only can these barbers handle a cut throat shave, but they’ve also shaved the way for a modern twist on the old classic.

Men’s Biz

The Strand Arcade

If you’re one for a clean shave, accompanied by the best quality grooming products, this is your absolute go-to. Located in the Strand Arcade, the barbers here wear classic, white jackets that instantly remove any nerves you had about a straight-edged shave. Their traditional attire is so on point you’ll be waiting for a quartet to sing you a pitch perfect tune.



Oh Cleveland’s. Of course we would never forget you! You are the ultimate homage to barber shops. This picturesque destination is like something straight out of Amsterdam, with intimate lighting and retro-alchemist collectibles. You can be sure you’re on to a good thing. The adjourning café however means you’re on to a great thing.



There’s totally something in the water at Redfern people, because they are just breeding barbers like there’s no tomorrow. But Chicano’s is a very special breed. These dudes have brought their unique Cali come Mexico vibe and we’re sold. Who doesn’t love a sugar skull? In fact, what don’t we love about our Mexican amigos? Chicanos has blessed us with both skill and precision when it comes to their ultimate cut throat shave. 

Now that you're looking sharp, check this out.

SpaQ | Image credit: Chris Mohan

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