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All The Documentaries You Should Be Watching This Month

By Elizabeth Maidment - 03 Apr 2018


From true crime to food glorious food, we’ve got the round-up of everything doco-related you should be watching this month. So slip on your PJ’s, make yourself a cuppa and snuggle up—because we’ve got a damn good list.

The Naked Truth

An undercover Netflix exposé that's hot off the presses (it goes live on 17 April). The Naked Truth follows under-reported subjects like money laundering, government secrecy and online fraudulence. It’s an interesting watch if you’re into real-life investigative journalism. If that doesn’t entice you: it was nominated for an Emmy and a National Press Club award. Fourth Estate represent! 

Ugly Delicious  

Star chef David Chang leads his friends on a mouth-watering chase for the world’s most satisfying eats (even if they look terrible). It's all about how food brings us together, not just through family, but also through nations and culture and all that jazz. Chew this one with your eyes closed—it's time we started appreciating ugly. 

Flint Town

Shot over a period of two years, film-makers reveal some serious social issues in the town of Flint in Michigan. Flint Town doesn't shy away from the underbelly: poverty, crime, living conditions, community and the officers trying to serve them, you'll see it all. It can get a tad depressing, but it's still compulsory viewing. 

Shot in the Dark

This one isn't a crime show per say. It's a doco that follows how freelance videographers capture the world around them when it comes to emergency situations. Follow three ‘stringers’ as they scour the evening streets for fires, floods and emergency cases where they can shoot the ‘perfect shot’ for the news anchors. If you've seen the Jake Gyllenhaal movie Stronger, you'll know what you're in for. 

Girls Incarcerated: Young and Locked Up

Following the lives of Madisen juvenile correctional facility, this eight-episode documentary series is raw AF. It doesn't just look at why these girls are behind bars, it follows their hopes and dreams for a better life. Better pack your tissues with this one, it can get emotional.

Showrunners: The Art of Running A TV Show

The first documentary film to turn the camera on itself and show the world what it's like to be a showrunner, liaising with big companies and making sure that the shows that you watch go to air every day. Not only is this series engaging, but it also features some of your favourite stars from comedy + drama. Think of it like Unreal but for real. 


Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory, right? Did Avril Lavigne die and get replaced with a body double? Did we really walk on the moon? Did Hitler escape or did he actually shoot himself in the bunker? This documentary series from Mark Bazeley uncovered the way certain people think...and sometimes not think enough. 

Chef’s Table

If you haven't got addicted to this yet, make April the month. Chef's Table follows the world's most famous chefs in some of the fanciest Michelin-starred restaurants (inc. Melbourne’s own Attica!) In-depth interviews, behind-the-kitchen scoops and a healthy dollop of food porn. This one will have you drooling in front of the TV.

Roxanne, Roxanne

This heart-wrenching documentary series follows Lolita “Roxanne Shantè” Gooden from the age of 14 as she fights the Queensbridge Projects in New York to protect her family. It's about how she's risen to become one of the most successful Africa-American hip-hop legends, despite the odds being stacked against her.

I Am Innocent

Unlike traditional crime docos, where they're trying to prove someone's guilt, I Am Innocent does the opposite. It's all about how the truth can be manipulated and people become wrongly accused of crimes. Meet the people trying to clear their name and get out of jail. Some heavy viewing, but it's well worth it. 

Wild, Wild Country

The most unusual and controversial documentary on the list, Wild Wild Country shines a light on a city in the Oregon desert, and the battles of the locals who occupy the town. We won’t give too much away, but it involves the first bioterror attack in the US as well as llegal wiretapping. Truth really is stranger than fiction. 

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Image credit: Shot In The Dark 

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