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Best of The Web This Week

By Sophia McMeekin
28th Nov 2014

What’s that? Work sucks and you want to make out with a six-pack already? We hear you. Before Friday night arrives, there’s always The Best of The Web This Week—the written equivalent of a Fruit Tingle cocktail. 

Making the cut onto our list of the best trash talk from around the Internet is news of a GLOBAL CHOCOLATE SHORTAGE (no biggie), a new emoji announcement, and Ryan Gosling, + Disneyland, + cats. Enjoy.

So, it turns out your asshole ex-boyfriend/mother was right, you have been eating too much chocolate, and now we’re running out. Like, the whole world’s running out. Because of you and your Malteser problem. This is awkward.

Here’s a collection of every single time Homer says ‘Mmm’ on The Simpsons.

Hey Girl, it’s Ryan Gosling at Disneyland, with cats.

Egg whites are so out right now. Now it’s all about yolks. And the more the better.

Sriracha key chain. Genius idea. Another genius idea: Sriracha beer. Hot sauce forever.

There are new emojis on the horizon, and, yes, one will be shaped like a taco. You will never type that word again.

In the lead up to The Newsroom final season ending, we must prepare ourselves for a lack of Aaron Sorkin monologues in your life. Because we’re not sure you can handle that, and to pass the time until Jobs comes out, here’s an Aaron Sorkin monologue generator.

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Image credit: Deviant Art

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