Best Of The Web This Week

By Sophia McMeekin
27th Feb 2015

While you were busy working this week, you missed a whole heap of useless but entertaining Internet trash talk. I mean, have you even take a moment to reflect on the number of undercuts on women at the Oscars, for the love of God?!

Vegetate a while on our favourite links from around the web this week.

From the wonderful world of food, KFC roll out edible coffee cups. Of course they did.

And, from those crazy cashed up kids in Dubai, it’s the world’s most expensive scoop of ice cream, which sounds kind of gross (truffle just ain’t a dessert ingredient), but we’d still give it a go because ICE CREAM.

Emojis have gone PC, because not everyone has brown hair and a pink sweater.

50 Shades of Grey has caused quite the stir since debuting a few short weeks ago. The Cut asks, is it kind of actually an awesome dating manual?

The New Yorker dishes an Oscars Fashion Report Card, and Style breaks down the best beauty looks, including those undercuts.

Contentious issue of the week: is The Simpson’s actually set in Australia?

Image credit: Scoopi Cafe

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