Best of The Web This Week

By Sophia McMeekin
20th Feb 2015

The week’s almost done, but before we say adios to the desktop for a few days, take a moment to peruse the very best from around the web this week.

Unless you have an actual life or something you would be aware The Westminster Dog show was on again this week. This is the only time of year when it’s socially acceptable to remark on the good-lookingness of a dog, so get amongst it

Also good-looking, New York Fashion Week has been chugging along. And it looks like we’ll all be wearing bum bags next season. #practical

In case her latter career success made you forget for a second that Reese Witherspoon was in Legally Blonde, here’s a fun list of this year’s Oscar nominees most embarrassing roles ever

This man was busted for smuggling 150K in two jars of Nutella. At least he got to eat it first.

Instagram to follow this week that mashes awesome food with a cute baby in the most likeable Instagrams ever: Food Baby NY.

Some un-retouched photos of Bey were released online, then promptly taken down when her scary Bey-hive of fans got angry on her behalf. Don’t mess with a Beyonce fan.

And you're probably saying these 16 food words wrong, you uneducated fatty.

Image credit: Food Baby NY

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