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Holiday In A Bottle | 8 Of The Best Products For A Faux Euro-Summer

By Bree Nowland
27th Jul 2017


ICYMI, it’s cold, really cold. If you’re anything like us, 75% of your Facebook friends are in Europe right now and you’re THAT close to unfollowing half of your Instagram. We get it guys, you’re in Italy, you’re sipping on an Aperol Spritz, eating lobster pasta and have a really great real tan. Cool. We’re really happy for you.

For the rest of us left behind there’s no need to succumb to chapped lips, dull skin and brittle hair. If you have no dollars, time or annual leave for a Euro-summer you’re in the right place. Real-looking tans and dewy skin on demand can be yours with just a few clever little products, to bring back that long lost glow (just BYO Aperol Spritz and set your heating to 27 degrees).


The Lack-Lustre Skin Fixer | Bobbi Brown Remedies - Skin Moisture Solution

You know that tight feeling you get when you step off a plane or spend the morning walking to work being lashed by wind in Winter? Well it definitely doesn’t scream Euro-summer. But we’ve got a solution for that. These magic drops boost hydration in a flash and help to restore your skin’s glow.

The Totally Believe-able Tan | Clarins – Golden Glow Booster for Body

Sure, you could definitely get a spray tan. But if you haven’t actually been to St. Tropez in the last couple of weeks, is anyone going to believe it’s real? Look, probably not. If you want that maybe she’s been on holidays, but maybe she’s had 9 hours sleep kind of look—we’ve got you. Clarins Glow Booster is liquid sunshine in a bottle. Add around 5 drops to your fave moisturiser (yep, any moisturiser) and it will gradually boost radiance and develop into a natural-looking tan.


The Miracle Primer | Napoleon Perdis - Auto Pilot Bronzing Primer

Make your makeup last longer and appear just a little more dewy and fresh with this bronze-tinted primer. It has tiny light reflecting particles that blur any sneaky little imperfections whilst smoothing your skin.

This-Smells-Like-Portofino Fragrance | Estee Lauder – Bronze Goddess 

Whilst we’re not entirely sure what sunshine (or a holiday) in a bottle smells like, but we’re willing to bet this would be it. A concoction of creamy coconut, vanilla, jasmine, lemon and juicy mandarin, you just need to spritz this on at your desk at 3pm and imagine you’re sipping cocktails by the pool.


Glossy Hydrated Limbs In A Bottle | Diptyque - Satin Oil for Body & Hair

We know you’re not necessarily showing much skin in winter, but hydrated glossy limbs are a must, especially for when you’re moisturiser just isn’t cutting it. This dreamy French oil is enriched with avocado oil and smells like fresh jasmine.

The Holiday In A Tube Eye Treatment | Murad – Eye Lift Firming Treatment

Is it just us, or does everyone seem to look a little more tired in winter? This holy-grail gel works in just 15 minutes to lift, firm, tighten and refresh your pretty peepers.


Overnight Face-Glow In A Tube | Charlotte Tilbury – Overnight Bronze & Glow

A hydrating face mask with a touch of fake tan, that you can SLEEP in? There might not be a buffet breakfast for you when you wake up, but this is as damn close to dreamy holiday skin sans passport that you could hope to get.

The Summer-Locks Restorer | bhave – Deep Conditioning Mask

It’s not just your face and body heading on this (faux) European Summer holiday! Your locks are coming too. Restore their pre-Winter glory by enriching your hair with Keratin protein and macadamia oil found within bhave’s Deep Conditioning Mask. It saves dry and brittle hair and restores shininess and softness in just minutes.
Want to go deeper? These are our fave hydrating face masks. 

Design credit: Gabrielle Stjernqvist

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