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All The Best Share Cocktails In Sydney To Get Around

By Holly Kingston
17th Oct 2018


Everybody knows the bigger the cocktail, the better the party.

With this in mind we’ve rounded up the most jugalicious cocktails in Sydney because if you haven't been slinging back cocktails straight from a treasure chest, fishbowl or smoking skull, you have a lot of catching up to do.

Here are all the best share cocktails in Sydney worth getting around.

Gin Lane


If gin is your poison of choice, then you’ll absolutely die over this place. Gin Lane has got you covered for all your next level group catch-ups because who wouldn't want to sit 'round the old table and chew the fat over an actual smoking treasure chest? Filled with spiced rum, pressed pineapple, barrel-aged bitters, mint, apricot liqueur, ginger beer and (just casually) sparklers, you'll be hard pressed to find a share-drink packed with as much punch as this one. A regular serves up to four and a large will serve up to eight.

Easy Lane


To satisfy your sweet cocktail cravings, you’ll need to grab your friends and head on up to Windsor for Easy Lane’s 'sweet tooth' share bowl. A combination of fairy floss, blue curacao, vodka, peach liquor, tequila, gin and strawberry liquor, we can hardly keep up. 

Assembly Bar


Assembly Bar serves up a serious take on the typical share cocktail. Here, punters legitimately drink out of a skull which serves up to six people. It's mixed with premium vodka, watermelon, cranberry juice, lemon juice, bitters topped with some dry ice because well, why not?

Coogee Pavilion


Nothing goes down better with ocean views and Mediterranean fare like a jug of sparkling cocktail. As with all tropical backdrops, you need a tropical drink (duh). The Pav is serving pitchers for up to three of your friends to share with the ‘menage e trois’ with Pinot Gris, cider, Crème de Cassis and fizz. The perfect thirst-quenching tipple!

The Bucket List

Bondi Beach

If quirky cocktails are your thing, look no further. This colourful beachside joint laden with brollies, mismatched cushions and good vibes is the ultimate waterfront location to snatch up a big, beautiful cocktail jug to share. And the best part is, there’s a huge list of boozy brews to grab including their lip smackin’ life’s peachy mix with Aperol, Absolut peach, lemon and soda or The Bucket List staple— a passion fruit mojito!

The Winery

Surry Hills

Steering away from the salt and sand, The Winery is your go-to garden oasis in the heart of Surry Hills. And it’s swanky AF. These guys whip up some mean classics too, including their stand out sangria blend, Pimm's cup with mint, cucumber, strawberry, lemon and ginger ale and finally, the always refreshing Aperol spritz. 

Watsons Bay Hotel

Watsons Bay

Order up some vibrant concoctions on the white decks of Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel. Here’s the perfect nook to chill out on a harbourside verandah, under a sea of fairy lights. And these guys have really hit the vacay vibes right on the money as well. So what to order? The legendary berry trap— a twist on the mojito, served with vodka, raspberry puree, fresh mint and lime juice. And order up a bucket of salt and pepper striped prawns alongside this carafe and we’re pretty sure you’ve found the perfect summer combo. These legends also happen to turn all their cocktails into carafes, we’re not mathematicians but we’re going to go right ahead and say that’s double the fun. 

Opera Bar

Circular Quay

If you’re going to have one of the best views Sydney can offer, you’re going to need a pretty large serving of cocktail to celebrate. And lucky for you, Opera Bar makes a delicious and fruity jug-of-fun called the 'gris harmony' that you and your friends are guaranteed to enjoy (and probably even go for round two). We’re talking Bombay dry, martini bianco, pomme verte, pinot gris, kiwi and star fruit. Yes please.

Stacks Taverna

Darling Harbour

Boasting Mediterranean vibes so fresh that you’ll feel like you’re back on your Euro-trip. Stack Taverna is not short on jugalicious goodness. The crew here mix up a redskin concoction, we won’t tell you what’s in it but trust us, it’s just as delicious as it sounds.

The Roosevelt

Potts Point

Think old-school with a twist. The Roosevelt is giving us art deco, candle lit tables and vintage cocktails all in one. Call on your Rat Pack to help you polish off one of these and get the night rolling—there’s coffee and maple infused cocktails spiked with alcohol of your choosing and a champagne safari doused with vodka, poppy and orange.

The Ternary 


If you’re drinking with a crowd, here’s a place you need to hit up, stat. The Ternary, along with their new pop-up Garden Bar that’s sprouting up especially for summer is cocktail dreams on point. . Cue tasty finger food, refreshing drinks, chilled tunes, tall palms and, you guessed it, cocktails on tap. Yeah, we died too. For your crew, order up a giant jug of white wine Sangria finished with Sailor Jerry spiced rum mint and lime, you won’t regret it.

The Greens

North Sydney

This neighbourhood eatery doesn’t just throw up some good weekend vibes featuring a fun game of bowls. No, The Greens are also passing around some of the best cocktails we’ve seen (and that’s a lot). The vibrant watermelon kegger is famous in its own right with vodka, bitters and fresh watermelon or for the faithful spitz-goers, your classic fruity drink with added Belvedere vodka, Lillet Blanc, mineral water, grapefruit and thyme is a sure stand-out.

Bloody Mary’s


So the name is a sure give-away but guys, this crew is really nailing one of our fave fruity drinks. To quench the thirst of you you and all of your cocktail drinking companions, Bloody Mary’s is giving you the Caitlyn Jenner, a whole watermelon cocktail to share complete with colourful straws and paper umbrellas (and in our opinion, the sharing bit is totally optional). If you’re not wanting to get around Caitlyn, there are Bloody Mary, Aperol, Pimms and white and red sangria jugs on offer. 

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Image credit: Assembly Bar

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