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8 Of The Best Shows On TV Right Now

By Jessica Best
1st Nov 2017


Official couch potato season may have come and gone. But word on the street is that a little thing known as ‘binge racing’ is on the rise in a big way and we can’t help but think you’re all made for it (because we know we are).

We have all the heavy hitters of comedy, political dramas, sci-fi and even an epic mockumentary series spoofing the true-crime stuff we’re all addicted to. Here are all the best shows on TV right now and they’re all ripe for the bingeing.

Designated Survivor 

It’s the American political-conspiracy thriller (yeah it’s a mouthful) that rings very close to reality and happy days—all 22 episodes of season two are ready for you to trawl through at an unhealthy pace. You know the drill.

The Deuce

Ugh. Get on The Deuce. Just get on it. This show has James Franco and Maggie Gylenhaal (we know—super duo) and is all about sex and power in Manhattan and looks at the Times Square porn industry of the 70s. 

Stranger Things 

This bad boy is about to drop, bringing back to life the happenings of Hawkins, Indiana. And if you haven’t already started this series (honestly, you’re lucky to have us), well you now have two seasons to get through and can consider this weekend sorted. You’re welcome.

The Other Guy

You’ll want to counteract all that conspiracy and drama with the Aussie comedy series The Other Guy, starring the hilarious Matt Okine (former Triple J radio host). This one is a dramatisation of real relationship tales from Okine’s life and TBH we live for the punchy one-liners in this.

American Vandal

If you were a fan of Making A Murderer, Serial and all things true-crime then you’ll no doubt love this satirical take on said productions. American Vandal is the epic (and probably mildly offensive too) spoof that tales around a kid who’s accused of vandalising cars then gets expelled and it’s all seemingly straight-forward. However, an investigation into the incident serves up one helluva surprising twist.


Three words: Riverdale Season Two. We know we don’t have to say anymore than that. Come back to us when you’ve binge-raced through this epic TV show because this beauty only landed a few days ago and we’re already finished #dedicated.


We are majorly flagging this new show—it hasn’t been around for long but is already racking up the literal and metaphorical likes. That’s probably down to the fact it’s directed by David Fincher (and if that rings a bell it’s because he’s the mastermind behind every good thing ever—Fight Club, Gone Girl and House of Cards). Anyway, he is legendary and this show is legendary. Mindhunter follows two special agents at the FBI during the 70s who become the first to try and understand how serial killers think.


Claws focuses on five gals (we dare you not to find one who resembles at least one of your girlfriends) who work at a nail salon in Florida and end up laundering dosh in the traditionally male world of organised crime. One legend said it’s like Breaking Bad meets Steel Magnolias… and that’s pretty spot on TBH.

Image credit: Riverdale via Netflix

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