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Best Spots To Drink On A Rainy Day In Sydney

By Jessica Best
20th Apr 2017

The Commons, Darlinghurst

Sydney weather is confused at the best of times #thisiswhywehavetrustissues.

We’ve all had our Sunday session plans cancelled due to a little (ok a lot) of precipitation. But just because the weather changes course, doesn’t mean you have to. Epic Sydney hack: find a spot to drink rain, hail or shine.

That’s right; get you and your crew a bar that can handle all of the weather. Read on Sydney, here are the best spots to drink on a rainy day because our mothers’ always told us it’s important to stay hydrated.

Lobo Plantation


When the weather takes a shocking turn, head down into the basement of the city’s corporate towers—don’t worry, it’s a lot less dodgy than it sounds. Cue Lobo Plantation, the South American joint serving up tropical rum cocktails (and FYI there’s over 250 kinds of rum here). This lil’ slice of paradise is an epic waterhole at the best of times, but come dark clouds and heavy downpour, Lobo is serving up all the daiquiri’s making it feel like you’re on one helluva vaycay.

Darlo Bar


Swing on into Darlo Bar when Sydney weather isn’t looking so favourable. This retro-style pub is boasting all the cosy feels with leather lounges, a pool table and mellow tunes. And there’s no other way to brighten up an average-looking day than by ordering up one of their sloe teabag punch cocktails (cocktail in a mug anyone?!) or the lady Hendrick’s return (topped with elderflower foam and we can confirm it’s delicious AF). Plus, happy hour happens six days a week here, which automatically turns any rainy day into a great one.

Henry Deane

Millers Point

There’s a reason this place is known as the “gem” of Hotel Palisade. Yep, Henry Deane is spread across two incredible floors with views of Sydney Harbour everywhere you look. And boy, is it slick. Like super slick. There’s really not much to complain about when floors are doused in blush lounges, copper decor, marble tables and you’re sipping a delicious sun-kissed spritz in all this 1920s glam.


Circular Quay

Half Cuban plantation, half cityscape, makes for one helluva combination. When the clouds are rolling in, Hacienda is definitely the place you want to be heading to. If getting your Sunday sesh on in what is basically a giant glass terrarium with views of the Harbour Bridge isn’t on your bucket list, it really should be. And if anything, a rainy day will definitely make it feel like you’re right in the centre of the Cuban jungle… with a killer cocktail menu.

O Bar & Dining


If the day is looking a little wet, it’s always best to take your drinking to a higher (undercover) altitude. And it’s a win-win situation really; sure, the sun has gone into full hibernation but you’ve just scored a 360-degree view of Sydney. Let’s be honest, it’s also the best vantage point if there’s ever a few strikes of lighting. So grab an orchard fizz, lounge back, relax and enjoy the show.



What two things make a rainy day better? Booze and bites, obviously. And lucky for the souls of Sydney, kickass new kid on the cocktail bar block Kittyhawk, is nailing them both. That’s right, come the rain and the strong winds of Sydney, you’ll be happy to know that transporting yourself back to Parisian vibes of the 1940s is totally a thing. Indulge in all the rye and rum with a menu that is a seriously entertaining read, complete with diagrams of how every drink is made (get the pebble lane, you won’t regret it).

Della Hyde


Thank God for Della Hyde. This funky, underground joint pretty much has everything you need for when the weather has gone all cray cray on you. With good-time vibes and sweet booze (we see you salted caramel espresso martini with popcorn), we’re not sure we need any other essentials to get through some dreary weather. Actually, some fried goods would be great to munch on. Oh wait up, they have that too.

Downtown Bar At The Commons


So when these guys say Downtown, they really mean downtown. Nailing the cobblestone-cellar feels, this classic bar is located in the 165-year-old larder underneath The Commons’ dining room and will take you back to the roots of good (live) music and liquor. Inspired by pre-1950s times, you’ll find all the Vermouth needed to get over the not-so-great weather.

Taylor’s Rooftop Bar


You may be thinking “pfft a rooftop bar in the rain? Hell no!” and there’s only one thing we have to say to that. Hell yes. We’ve got two words for you: retractable roof. Which means rain, hail or shine, your booze fest will be happening no matter what. Yep, lounge around with all the drinks and a giant wall of plants in this urban retreat despite the forecast.

The Long Goodbye


This is the perfect spot to cuddle on up, it was a gentlemen's club back in the day (ahem) so there are lots of dark corners. Okay we'll stop now. But seriously, this new little bar on Stanley St is the business when it comes to cocktails, cocktails and more cocktails. Not to mention their late night cheese toaste, get two.

The Rook


Night or day, the enclosed rooftop bar at The Rook is one of the best places to go to get your drink on. With a glass ceiling adorned in edison bulbs, plants, tea lights colourful umbrellas and neon glow signs, you’ll have a pretty awesome view of Sydney’s corporate buildings towering above you #ambienceonpoint. What shall we drink? We’re so glad you asked. There’s a super delicious, not to mention fun AF cocktail menu to get amongst, including down the rabbit hole and guys, it’s bright purple. Should you want to kidult a bit, the milk and cookies with rum, coffee, salted caramel and almond is definitely for you.

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The Commons | Image credit: Claudia Shmueli

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