Burger Watch | Betty’s Burgers The Verdict

By Phoebe McRae - 19 Jul 2017

Betty's Burgers Sydney

Tucked away in the new ICC precinct, Queensland’s Betty’s Burgers is regular on the ‘gram and one of the coolest (not to mention delicious) kids in town. For almost two years, I have been keeping my eye on old Betty, waiting for the day she came to Sydney and lucky for me, its fiiiiiinally happened.

With a menu jam-packed with eats that are almost too good-looking to eat, I can honestly say I have never been more excited to try a burger in my life. And their fries. And onion rings. And thick shakes. And concretes. Spoiler alert: I had one of everything.

On a mission to be one of the first people in Sydney to wrap my lips around a Betty’s Burgers burger, it was a run don’t walk kind of situation to get myself to the front of the line on opening night, with a grumbling belly and a new pair of stretchy pants.

The menu features six god damn delicious burgers (and between you and me, they’re pretty hard to fault). The pork belly burger is worth every divine calorie, and the shroom burger stuffed with crispy fried mushrooms and filled to the brim with Gouda and Gruyere cheese, could almost turn me vego. But it’s the Betty’s Classic that had me drooling.

With lush lettuce (did I just call lettuce lush?), fresh AF beef patty and just the right amount of cheese and tomato, the Betty’s Classic is the kind of trusted burger you come back for more than once, without ever being disappointed. Hot tip: add pickles and bacon to make it deluxe and watch all your burger dreams come true.

The chips and onion rings are just as tasty (don’t bother going if you’re not going to order the sides), but it’s the concretes you need to save room for. WTF is a concrete, I hear you ask? Think dense chocolate or vanilla custard ice cream blended at high speed with every mix-in your inner child could ever wish for (we’re talking hot fudge sauce, brownie, doughnut, cookie dough and more), this one’s even better than a Golden Gaytime (yes, I went there). The thick shakes aren’t bad either.

Whether you’re going to Betty’s Burgers to up your ‘gram game (all the food is seriously ‘grammable #justsayin) or for the sole purpose of feasting, believe me when I say you will not be disappointed. The perfect place to impress a first date, take your Dad or pop by all on your own (so you can stuff yourself judgement-free), you’ll want to come back at least 5 times to try one of everything. Twice.

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Image credit: Caitlin Hicks

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