PSA: You Can Still Find Bey’s Coachella Performance Right Here

By Ange Law
16th Apr 2018

Guys. We know we don’t have to tell you this (hell, we’ve all been glued to our Insta-feeds for days by now) but Beyonce performed at Coachella Beychella last night and of course she slayed. That word doesn’t even come close to covering it, TBH. 

Between hitting the stage with Crazy in Love, cameos from Jay-Z and Solange (we died with you), the literal stage FILLED with dancers and the band, and us losing our God damn minds at home, right along with the rest of the world, it. Was. Epic. Oh, and that little thing? Just Destiny’s Child rising from the freaking FLOOR to kill the stage with our Queen for an encore—we’re still screaming. 

Honestly, we could hash out the whole thing for you but we won’t even come close to describing it. Cancel all your plans and watch this—who knows how long the video will stay up.

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Image credit: via Beyonce's Instagram

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