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Reel In Those Iso Carbs And Order Buffalo Dining Club’s Pasta In A 1.5kg Wheel Of Cheese

By Jessica Best
28th Apr 2020

cacio e pepe pasta dipped into giant, creamy cheese wheel

Forget all other home deliveries for a minute because the mother lode of them all is here. The absolute legends at Darlinghurst’s Buffalo Dining Club are sending out their most famous dish and we’re not crying, you are.

On the takeaway menu, the team here have already been whipping up stupid delicious feeds for the last few iso weeks from their brand-new "Buffalo Goods Store". On the menu are things like Buffalo's ricotta gnocchi, fried potatoes, cured meats and of course, their chocolatey tiramisu.

However, if your cheese-starved soul has been missing their iconic cacio e pepe, plated up from a wheel of pecorino, brace yourself for one of Sydney’s greatest food deliveries.

Basically, Buffalo Dining Club has created a DIY pasta kit packed with 150g of fresh fettuccine pasta, black pepper and pecorino sauce for your at-home-cooking-pleasure (all for an easy $22). Then, for an extra boujee feast, you can add on a 1.5kg, 16-centimetre pecorino cheese wheel from Sardinia aged for eight months (for an extra and very-worth-it $75). So basically, you can now recreate the epic Buffalo Dining cacio e pepe cheese wheel experience at home. And if you think that's a tad excessive, fear not. The Buffalo crew will be sending out pecorino-based recipe suggestions for you to get the most out of your wheel. 

Don’t waste any time and pre-order this bad boy here. Orders need to be in ahead of 5pm on Thursdays for a Friday pick up at Buffalo Dining Club. 

You’ll need wine to go with that, and you can order some home-delivered—here

Image credit: Artit Wongpradu

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