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Indulge Your Love Of Soft Cheese With This One-Off Feast Dedicated To Burrata

By Tim Piccione
12th Oct 2020

A table set with the seven burrata dishes created by Salt Meats Cheese for Burrata Festa.

If you’ve ever wondered why a restaurant hasn’t dedicated an entire night and seven dishes to the indulgent, creamy goodness that is burrata cheese—then we’ve got some exciting news. Because that is precisely what Sydney purveyor of decadent Italian eats, Salt Meats Cheese is doing this month with Burrata Festa.

Yes, for one deliciously cheesy night only, Salt Meats Cheese will be serving up seven dishes showcasing all the creamy magnificence of burrata cheese. If you're not totally across the beauty of burrata, these knots or balls of white, semi-soft cheese are a little like mozzarella in texture and taste. Each ball of burrata is filled with pieces of mozzarella and cream, which oozes out when you plunge your fork in. 

On the menu at Burrata Festa, you can expect spaghetti carbonara, gnocchi sorrentina, prosciutto di parma, each topped with and championing burrata. There’s even going to be some deep-fried crumbed burrata if you fancy this sort of cheese so much you believe it should be served on its own. Dishes will be $19 each, but if you prefer to bring some friends to share a bit of everything, you can do five of the seven burrata-laced dishes for $79.

“Whether it’s the hard stuff, soft stuff, melted or crumbed, or topped on pasta, we have cheese lovers sorted,” said Stefano De Blasi, founder of Salt Meats Cheese. These cheesy dishes are going to look so enticing and beautiful—you’ll have to rush to get that perfect Instagram snap before someone at your table is reaching in for a fork full.

Alright, we’ve probably said cheese enough times in this article now, so there’s not much else that could encourage you to check out this awesome Italian culinary feast.

Burrata Festa will be taking place across all of Salt Meats Cheese’s venues in Sydney. Head to the website here to book yourself a table.

The Details

What: Burrata Festa
When: Tuesday 20 October, with bookings from 6pm
Where: Salt Meats Cheese venues throughout Sydney

And, if you love burrata so much, why not create your own with this "Burrata and Bubbles" cheesemaking class (yes, there is champagne involved). 

Image credit: Salt Meats Cheese

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