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Camperdown Pub Hampshire Is Becoming a Lady

By Angela Law
9th Sep 2016

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Camperdown’s Hampshire hotel has been sitting on Parramatta Road looking a little (read: a lot) sad for years, the poor old derelict pub next to the kebab joint. Well you Inner Westies will be pleased to know that the guys behind The Lord Gladstone have decided to save the situation at the Hampshire, by giving her a big old makeover and re-naming her, The Lady Hampshire. 

Like a lady, she’ll be all sparkly and pretty while she multi-tasks things like trivia Tuesdays and live music like a boss. If you love yourself a little bit of art, there will be street art adorning the space, created by locals, for the locals. To paint you a better picture, there will also be some classic NRL gear on display to match the big screen out in the beer garden, but if you're more a fan of chilling out and having a chat with your mates on a Sunday arvo, thenthere will be cosy fireplaces and comfy chairs for you to settle in to.  

The food will have classic pub grub with extras from their custom smoker thrown in for funsies. Think good quality burgers and schnitties as well as tacos and smoked meats on the weekends. 

Possibly the most important thing is that the Lady Hampshire will sit comfortably outside of the lock out zones, so you know it’ll become your new favourite place to kick on. 

The Lady Hampshire is set to open in a couple of months, so stay tuned.

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Image credit: Federica Portentoso at The Lord Gladstone

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