The Dog Mecca

By Jacqui Thompson
7th Aug 2013

Located on Hawthorne Canal Reserve, Leichhardt, sits Café Bones. On any given day parties of four-legged friends can be seen running free?the wind in their hair and doggie treats in their tummies. 

On the first Saturday of each month, a particularly esteemed group of pups meet for a special bonding session, Sydney Pugs Meetup. This loveable, roly-poly lot start off their play date with a group photo at 11am and then the party begins.  

Karlene Dimbrowsky, owner of Pugs R Us, began the group in 2005, with a number of fellow pug lovers. Over the years the group has steadily grown. Everyone is welcome, many of the pugs are from the local hood but others travel across Sydney to make the play date. 

Pugs are known for their docile nature and are free of the hunting instinct, therefore they are extremely social and make for excellent companions. The pugs wander freely, happily playing with each other and their non-pug friends, while their owners feed and look out for each other's rumpled sidekicks. 

The pug owners love their dogs passionately, and bubble over with enthusiasm when discussing their special pups. Dogs are a proven therapy tool when it comes to companionship, and apparently pugs in particular, make for excellent company. 

Sherry (pictured above with Little Bro) bought her first pug, Popeye, after her mother died, as a way to ease her grief. Popeye's companionship had such a profound impact on Sherry's life, she began taking Popeye to the Children's Hospital. Popeye was a natural, turning his back to the children so they wouldn't feel frightened and letting them stroke his back. The act of Popeye sitting on the young patients' beds brought joy and a sense of calm to the children. Popeye was the first dog allowed into the intensive care unit at the Children's Hospital, and even performed with The Wiggles. 

Sherry's Wednesday ritual at the hospital has continued for 12 years, and after Popeye passed away Sherry continued the service with Little Bro.

For this group of dog owners, pugs are not only important family members; they are a bonding tool, opening up conversation and common interests.

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Café Bones 

Hawthorne Canal Reserve, Leichhardt NSW 2040

Ph: 02 8086 2433

Café Bones is open to all dogs 7 days a week 

Monday to Friday: 7am - 7pm 

Saturday & Sunday: 7:30am - 7pm 

Sydney Pugs Meetup

Meet the first Saturday of every month at Café Bones

From 10am -12pm  

Image credit: Anastasia Nielsen   

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